A screenshot of the WordPress PERFECT layout

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I LOVE WordPress. True 1-click blogging. Write the text, hit publish.

NO need to SCROLL. Write - publish. Write - publish. Write - publish. Write - publish.

All the editing buttons work. It's great to be able to go from wysiwyg to html to embed videos or strip code after pasting from another site.

The autosave is too cool.

In Drupal, I have yet to figure out how to find my own posts that are saved, but NOT published. Can't even find them through the admin interface.

WordPress has LOTS of options BELOW the editing screen and I often do assign categories.

But it's really annoying that in Drupal I always have to SCROLL DOWN to save after a quick edit. I do MANY quick edits, hate typos. My right hand is starting to hurt and I've only used Drupal for a week.

So here is my ideal layout for all posts, blog, forum, page or story.


I don't think anyone needs to see what's usually in the right column while WRITING.