Trado democracy is based on the Common Good Bank model - need voting software

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I ran across this Drupal democracy forum module Of course this is Drupal 6 and there are no plans for a Drupal 6 release.  But, fajerstarter gave me the link to -- VERY cool! A couple pages are available in English.  I don't read Swedish, but it looked to me like they were discussing parking fines and handicapped parking at the forum. That kind of stuff really is not very exciting.  Being able to vote on how to spend several thousand dollars in your own community or for YOUR cause is a lot more fun. 

Finance a greenhouse at the community garden?  A playground? Support research? The food bank?  Split the money between the 3 most popular projects according to votes? 

Penny votes?

Watch the slide show at for an overview. William Spademan did a tremendous job putting together all these pages about voting and democracy at the Common Good Bank. Replace bank with Trado and you'll have a pretty good idea how things will work here. Of course Trado is NOT a bank, so there's a lot less regulation and Trado will operate as a non profit organization. It really sucks that the Common Good Bank has the plan and everything in place, but it's lacking the $1.5 million required to open. According to American law, only millionaires can invest in start-up capital for a bank and as far as I know, the millionaires aren't interested in buying CGB stock. Trado also has no funds, but because it is NOT a bank, it can accept donations from anyone. However, Trado is not even looking for donations. Instead, Trado will exchange Trados for Dollars or Euros to fund expenses that can't be paid with Trados.

So unfortunately, the software the CGB plans to use is still vaporware.  I've been to a few interesting democracy / voting methods sites, will post everything I find from now on.

I don't have a clue how much it costs to get software developed and of course I'd like it to be Drupal integrated so that it's easy to have votes by all members as well as VERIFIED members only. Since Trado banking will be at a different site, we already have 2 log-ins and I'd hate to have a 3rd login for voting.