Trado components, features and functionality

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Blog:  I LOVE the self hosted WordPress.  Functionality, editing, being able to switch from wysiwyg to html, the layout, really good.  The publish date, save, AUTO save, all conveniently right next to my editing window.

I've also been using ExpressionEngine, but it's SO difficult to use and I'm constantly clicking around, like here.  Have a commercial EE license for sale.  I don't recommend EE for people who just want a blog, it's more of a corporate software or for someone with a LOT of spare time.

I started blogging with Movable type, it sucked and I moved to EE in 2004.  Just this year I tried MT again and it STILL sucks and they really ripped me off.  Wasted $150.  I should put that up for sale, have paid support, templates and maybe a license.  But I don't recommend buying it, go with WordPress self hosted.


I've used Matt's BB, Discusware, vBulletin, wowBB, IPB and phpBB, in that order.   Like phpBB best, although the SECOND line under the topic name in IPB is very cool.  

I decided to go with the Drupal forum for integration and installed Michelle's Advanced Forum, but I still need to add functionality, think there's more stuff to install.

There will be categories such as food, building, alternative energy, growing food, organics, health, alternative medicine, alternative news, free speech, activism, money, credit & collections and of course using Drupal, Trados, merchant support, etc. I listed MY interests, who know what other people come up with. Groups: I'm not a huge fan of groups, but am a member of a few Yahoo groups. I don't really know why you would have a group instead of a forum. So the forums don't get too crowded? I'll have to see how the Drupal groups work.

Merchant listing and rating:

We'll need a listing of merchants with a criteria such as:

Name, state, city, zip code, link and/or email, category, merchandise or service description, percentage of Trados accepted, percentage of rebate to member/Trado, rating, addtl. info

I saw lists at Drupal (module issues?) where you could sort by each column.  That's exactly what we need.

Merchant advertising program:

That's how Trado will get DOLLARS.   Initially merchants are advertised at  Preferred merchants get credits for free advertising and they can purchase additional ads.  (paying for page views or clicks) 

Once that works well, member can advertise Trado merchants at their sites and the ad revenue is split between members and Trado.

Content based ads would be great, but we may have to stick to members selecting appropriate merchants for their sites.   They should be able to select several merchants for rotating banners.

Any time people get paid commissions, spam will be a problem.  I HATE spam and infomercials and I want to make sure that we make it clear that SPAM will not tolerated.

Member referral program:

Programs for members to get Trado credits for referrals of new verified members and merchants.


A place for members to list stuff for sale.  Ubercart?


I have yet to check out the advanced polling module.    There are several sites discussing various voting methods, but I haven't seen any free software for download.

This is a priority, since Trado will be a DEMOCRATIC non profit organization.

I'm looking for various voting methods including PROXY voting.

Subscriptions/email notification/RSS:

I'm using Trigger right now, but have all kinds of notification modules installed.  Haven't set anything up.   RSS is "ok", but about 80% of my blog subscribers preferred getting emails.  I have to say that when something really interests me, I want an email. 

Security: The actual banking will NOT be at or even on this server, want to avoid getting hacked.

That's it for now, I'll update here.