Randy Pratt in jail for FNB Bank's ERROR

I have not yet verified the information in the article, but if it's true that Randy Pratt is in jail and charged with felony theft and conspiracy charges because his BANK made an ERROR, I'll definitely contact the prosecutor and I'll try to clue him in on banking practices.

Pa. man considered bank error 'a gift from God'

January 22, 2009 - 9:35am

BLOOMSBURG, Pa. (AP) - A Pennsylvania man says he considered it divine providence when a bank error put more than $175,000 in his and his wife's account.

Fifty-year-old Randy Pratt and 36-year-old Melissa Pratt face trial in Columbia County Court on felony theft and conspiracy charges. They waived a preliminary hearing Wednesday.

The trouble started when a $1,772.50 deposit to the Pratts' FNB Bank account showed up as $177,250 last summer. Police say that instead of telling the bank, they withdrew the money, quit their jobs and moved to Florida.

Randy Pratt tells the Bloomsburg Press Enterprise he did attempt to ask the bank what happened, but was ignored. He said he considered the money "a gift from God."

He says the couple gave away thousands of dollars, including $25,000 to a Florida church shelter for the homeless.

Randy Pratt is in county prison. A judge denied a request to lower his $100,000 bail. Melissa Pratt, who told the court she is estranged from her husband, is free on unsecured bail.


Information from: Press Enterprise, http://www.pressenterpriseonline.com

Citi executives FREELY ADMITTED that they stole their customers' money to pay their bonuses and they're NOT charged with ANYTHING!

The banks are looting and stealing from their customers CONTINUALLY and nobody ever gets prosecuted.

This man did NOTHING wrong. 

"Randy Pratt tells the Bloomsburg Press Enterprise he did attempt to ask the bank what happened, but was ignored."

That is totally believable.

As long time readers might remember, the criminals at Compass Bank CHARGED me $6 for reporting their error.

Here's my 5/6/04 press release:

 A $6 Fee Instead Of A Reward For Returning $500!

Compass Bank DENIED my request for a refund of the fee until I went ballistic and sent out a press release.  THEN they sent me $60, which didn't even cover my costs.

THEY should be in JAIL!

If this article is accurate, it documents the essence of what's wrong with America.

The banks can LEGALLY steals from us, but WE go to jail for THEIR errors.  This man did NOT rob a bank. 

"felony theft and conspiracy charges"

He did NOT steal. 

Which law did he break?

In my last post you see the picture of Icelanders rioting.  That picture SHOULD have been taking at the jail where Randy Pratt is imprisoned.

Why do Americans condone this crap?