Getting rid of bugs and weevils with bay leaves and matches

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As I was looking for deals on flour, I ran across this page on weevils and how to get rid of them:

I had often heard about flower bugs, but never had any bugs in my kitchen until a couple years ago.  I poured pasta out of a cardboard box into boiling water and thought I wasn't seeing right.  I kept throwing things away and eventually moving helped.  Last summer my kitchen was bug-free except for the occasional camel spider or scorpion, the usual desert critters and they weren't in the FOOD.

So this page has TONS of comments and I thought this one was very funny:

These comments are very funny. I guess most of us have this problems with bugs in our flour and cereal. What I do is I just make the meal anyway and pretend I didnt see any bugs in there. Then I serve it to my husband (he scarfs down his food so he'll never know the difference anyway). Meantime, I help myself to some fruit. This way I'm healthy, my husband is full, and everyone walks away happy.

There's a lot to be said for doing your own cooking.

It looks like keeping flower in the fridge/freezer as I've been doing is the best way to prevent  bugs. 

And just yesterday I wrote that there's no way I could use a pound of bay leaves.  I'm going to put a few leaves in my cabinets right now, better safe than sorry. 

Ever since the pasta incident I look at everything in boxes and actually don't keep many foods with flower/grains around anymore.   It's surprising that during my first few years in AZ I had cereal boxes sitting around for months and even years (visitors brought food and didn't finish it) and I now I throw leftovers away a lot faster.

Over 20 years ago I read an article about what's in canned tuna.  I haven't bought tuna since.  I've actually enjoyed a few very good tuna sandwiches when visiting neighbors, but I just don't buy it anymore. 

Sometimes it's better not to know what's in our food.  I know it won't kill me or make me sick, but it's just so gross.