Tonight on Coast: Fluoride Action Network - leading dentist against Fluoride

Tonight at 11 PM Pacific Time on Coast to Coast:

Director of the Fluoride Action Network, Paul Connett and leading dentist in the fight against fluoride, Dr. Bill Osmunson will discuss the dangers and risks of the use of fluoride in our toothpaste and drinking water.

Fluoride Action Network:

27 studies to document that Fluoride lowers childrens' IQ and there are NUMEROUS other documented side effects with NO benefits -- other than cash for the companies involved in adding this poison to drinking water.

AND, it's not only in water! They're even putting it in FOOD, wheat flour, etc.

Truly incredible.  I don't have high expectations for Obama, but I sure hope he will at least prohibit poisoning our water. 

I've read a lot lately about cities or counties VOTING on fluoride and while I'm all for democracy, NOBODY votes to poison MY water.

Fortunately, I use well water, so it's not an issue for me, but NOBODY should have ignorant morons vote on which poisons to add to their drinking water.

If people want to give fluoride to their kids, well, they're THEIR kids.  But I seriously doubt that many people would actually use fluoride if they understood what it does.  I think most only want it in their water because it's FREE.