Drupal - Magento - phpBB - WordPress and other forum / blog / CMS software support

Reference: JOB154
Location: Internet, any
Employer: Trado
Contact: Christine Baker
Url: http://trado.info/
As I'm struggling with Magento and Drupal, I realized how great it would be to have a support forum for software just like my CreditFactors subscription. The KNOWLEDGEBASE is the key to success. It has to be continually updated and categorized according to version. You have no idea how sick I am of searching Drupal.org and Magento to NOT find what I need or I THINK I found something useful, to eventually figure out that the "solution" applies to an old release and is no longer applicable. I recently posted more details at http://trado.info/node/147#comment-56 and I have all the software for forum, knowledgebase and membership. Must be qualified, reliable, have excellent communications skills and know how to use a spell checker. Compensation: Percentage of sales (50% Tados accpected), negotiable depending on qualifications and contributions..