British credit card interest rates approach 50%

A few years ago I posted about British ADVERTISED credit card rates over 20% and I thought that was ridiculous. Apparently the Brits are even dumber than the Americans. 

However, I just read about British bankruptcy filings and the article claimed that many thousands are forced into bankruptcy and have to SELL their homes because they can't pay taxes. 

Of course these same banks also rule the US and they also forced Congress to tighten bankruptcy requirements, so you know what we're in for. 


Cap Outlandish Interest Rates on Payday Loans and Improve Disclosure: Obama and Biden will extend a 36 percent interest cap to all Americans.

The TRUE Obama agenda:


We're supposed to be HAPPY to pay ONLY 36% interest on money the banks CREATE with a bookkeeping entry and after GIVING them trillions of OUR tax dollars that we ALSO pay interest on?

Obama is bank owned.  

Here's a very interesting analysis of Obama's true alliances:

Obama voted AGAINST a 30% maximum interest rate in 2005.

So, it sure looks like the banks ruling the western world are moving in for the kill -- ready to steal just about EVERYTHING of value.

There is no outcry. 

No revolution.

No run on the palace.

No Boston Tea Party.

Yesterday I heard Dr. Paul Craig Roberts wonder why the people haven't hung the crooks yet.  

People are busy WORKING to pay that interest?  DRINKING to forget their misery?

British Airways credit card is UK's most expensive - after hiking interest charge to 46%

British Airways

Jet set prices: American Express's British Airways Premium Plus card's charges were branded ‘ridiculous'

American Express has increased the cost of borrowing on one of its credit cards to 46 per cent — more than 30 times the Bank of England base rate.

The company now charges 46 per cent APR on the British Airways Premium Plus card, making it Britain’s most expensive credit card.

Consumer groups said the cost of borrowing on some credit cards had now lost all touch with the base rate.

A series of other cards also have APR over 35 per cent — despite interest rates now being at the lowest level since the Bank of England was set up in 1694.

Other cards include Virgin Money American Express at 37 per cent and Citi MasterCard at 41 per cent.