Looking for Magento expert - long term income opportunity providing support

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Magento looked really good, is open source and has a wiki, support forum and lots of user guides, etc. 

TONS of info.

The problem is that searches at the Magento site get lots of results, but most are only the questions with NO responses or cryptic responses not helpful to me.

And that's understandable, because the Magento developers offer PAID support. 


If they provided GOOD free support, they'd have to live on air.   However, their cheapest subscription is $42/month, requires an annual CONTRACT, is limited to 8 support incidents per year (that's not even one per month!) and comes with a 2 business day response time.

Compare that to CreditFactors. 

It contains a KNOWLEDGEBASE so good that few subscribers post any questions at the CreditFactors forum.  It rarely takes more than a day for me to respond to posts and I work 7 days/week.  The cost is only $45 for 6 months or $75 for a year.   

And that's about what I am willing to pay for software support. 

The KNOWLEDGEBASE is the key to success, it has to be continually updated and categorized according to version.  You have no idea how sick I am of searching Drupal.org and Magento to NOT find what I need or I THINK I found something useful, to eventually figure out that the "solution" applies to an old release and is no longer applicable.

So if you're a Magento or Drupal expert and you're interested in a part-time long term job, please contact me.

In the meantime, I'll be posting my problems and solutions here, hopefully I can help a few other frustrated beginners get started.

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Magento forum

As I once again continue the struggle at the Magento forum, I just noticed that they have over 3,000 members.  Also, there are usually at least 300 users online and I've seen over 600.

Obviously, there's the potential for steady income for quality support at a reasonable cost.  And with the economy still heading south, there will be a LOT of demand for support from people trying to supplement their income by opening stores.

Many prospective Magento users end up NOT using it because they never get started.  You can tell by the many members with no posts or just 1 post that was ignored or got a cryptic reply that obviously was not helpful.