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I'm making progress with the new TradoStore, but I'm still a few days from the grand opening.

I already received my first Frontier shipment on Friday, spices and teas for personal use in bulk and a variety of containers.  Tonight I tried the hibiscus tea -- I haven't had hibiscus tea in over 30 years and it's just as good as I remembered. 

When I was a kid, a woman used to go door to door to sell various teas and my mom bought some occasionally.  Those were the days ...

Obviously, I won't be storing all 10,000 Frontier products in my garage and I decided to accept your orders to add to my next Frontier order.  Think of it like a buying club, you get better prices than buying retail AND you get QUALITY ORGANIC FRESH products.

  • Frontier offers free shipping to me for orders over $250.
  • I'll probably add 25% in Dollars and 25% in Trados to the wholesale price, but of course you CAN pay the full amount in Dollars.
  • The big savings come in when I can order BULK and then pass some of the savings on to you for smaller orders.
  • It might take a few weeks until you get your order, but you're guaranteed to get FRESH products.
  • Free shipping to you for orders over $50.

The JANUARY 2009 Frontier WHOLESALE sales catalog gives you an excellent overview of the various products:

The complete Frontier WHOLESALE catalog: (PDF 17.9 MB). (Excel 1.9 MB).

Frontier is a co-op and they also have a great RETAIL site:

So if you got some spare time, have a look!  There is a TON of interesting info at the Frontier sites about their products as well as their business philosophy.

In case you're wondering why I'm giving you the WHOLESALE prices, I'm NOT intending to get rich. 

I found Frontier when I was looking for co-ops a few months ago and since I was running low on organic cayenne pepper and curry, they had my attention.

I noticed that their RETAIL prices were much lower than what I paid last year.  I spent HOURS reading about their products, processing techniques, employee benefits, etc.

Then I started Trado and had many Frontier products on my wish list.  I want to show other merchants how Trados can be used and I want to help people who are losing their jobs to start THEIR stores or sell THEIR services.  

  • TradoStore prices are so low because I don't want you to compete with me, but instead to sell YOUR products and services.

Additionally, I hope that some of you WILL start buying clubs and order directly from Frontier.  It's only $10 to get an account set up, but there IS a bit of a learning curve and it takes TIME.  I spent at least 10 hours preparing for my first order and then had trouble because something was wrong with my account.  Nothing's ever easy.

If you have a restaurant or know someone in the food business, you really ought to consider ordering direct.

  • As more people USE organic products, prices come down.

Many of the Frontier ORGANIC products are priced lower than regular products at the supermarket.

We are what we eat!

If you're interested in a product, please provide the item number or exact name and quantity you want.  I'll add it to the TradoStore with the price and you can then pre-order.  There is no obligation with a quote.


Please post here or contact me.


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I added some of the products and think I got everything functional at the new store:


This sure was a lot more work than expected and setting up the Magento software took many hours and still needs some customizations.

I already consumed some of the Frontier products, such as a pound of organic lollipops and I love the hibiscus tea.

Check out the teas and the spices, I still have to add coffee as that's from a different supplier.