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In order to understand what Trado is really about, you need to watch The Money Masters and Money As Debt. Here are the links: While not free, Ellen Brown's Web of Debt is definitely worth every penny. The Trado currency is MONEY, the Trado web site is INFORMATION. Some people will use Trados merely to financially benefit and buy things they couldn't otherwise afford and/or to get free information. And that's ok. Everybody using Trados is helping change the world, whether they like it or not. I hope that many members will care about more than money and stuff and will actively work to create this new democratic system without corruption. The Trado financials will be online. Trado will operate transparent. Unlike the U.S. government, we will be a true democracy and fund projects according to member votes. If you don't know why this is so important, please watch Endgame, Loose Change, Terrorstorm, Zeitgeist Addendum and the many other free online documentaries.