Ebay frustration: claims I'm using wrong zip code and won't let me log in my biz account

Since I just bought a coffee maker on Ebay and will be offering organic coffee, tea and spices for sale, I decided to list a few items on Ebay to advertise Trado.   I have to research the fees and services anyway.

I was hoping that it would be a lot less work to set up selling on Ebay than to set up your own shopping cart and Trado Members might want to get started on Ebay.

I'll also set up a shopping cart for Trado here and it would be VERY cool for members to be able to set up their own stores here, just like on Ebay, but that will be a major effort I haven't even begun yet.  So for starters, I'll start with Ebay.

First I was unable to log into my old biz account.

I wanted to change the user name to Trado. 

I logged in and got a message stating that my password wasn't strong enough.  I had to type in some captcha numbers and select whether to change my password now or later.  I tried both options several times and every time only got back to the login screen.

Next, I decided to set up a NEW Ebay account.

How hard can it be?

Ebay insists that my city, state and zip code don't match. 

I even searched the web for "86409" -- just in case I'm delusional or got Alzheimer's.  The zip code appears to be correct.  Last time I checked, this IS Arizona.


Lots of help windows, none offer ANY relevant help.  I do NOT expect people standing by ready to assist.  But is it really too much to expect an email or contact form?

I didn't find one.

Ok, on to SELF help:

I changed the zip code to a zip that IS incorrect.  Now it worked.


As I've been struggling for the last 5 weeks to get Trado and the banking software set up, I'm fully aware that readers are confused.  I haven't even written the technical FAQ yet because I'm still implementing so many features and many changes.

But last night I installed a contact form and added it to the new menu at the top of this page.  I WANT to see readers' questions and concerns and especially if something isn't working.


I had the activation email resent 3 times, but didn't receive it.  It's my trado.info email, works fine for everything else and doesn't even have a spam filter yet because it's so new.  Finally had to change the email address to creditsuit.org to get an activation mail.

How can SO MUCH be SO screwed up?

While waiting for the activation email, I had searched for ebay problems and aside from several unbelievable (but likely true) complaints about suspensions, I found a Wired article.  Started reading it and then a Porsche video commercial totally blocked the article.  There was NO way to turned it off!  Well, actually there was, I closed the browser. 

Screw Wired.

I'm obviously getting a bit irritated.

The web has become not only a cesspool of fraud and deception, but it's just plain unusable.  I understand that all the news sites are hurting, but if they don't get with the program and make some serious changes, they'll likely go out of business. 

I've made a point of clicking on Google ads at sites with good articles. 

Since the advertisers pays by the ad click, I carefully select the ads for SCAMS, getting rich while sleeping, credit scores, credit bureaus, banks, etc.

So anyway, I'm NOT wasting my time on watching a PORSCHE commercial. If it was a good article and Wired had Google ads, I would have given them a click or two.

12-25-08--Ebay-registration-error.png11.61 KB




I kept getting an error when trying to activate the account:

Sorry! We're currently experiencing technical difficulties and are unable to complete the process at this time.

I tried the activation link and the copy/paste as per the Ebay instructions several times since I signed up yesterday, no go. Finally I tried to log in and my account was activated. Go figure ... Then I decided to check out listing an item for sale. Eventually, I got to the SELLER VERIFICATION.

The next and apparently insurmountable problem:

They want my HOME PHONE NUMBER to call me with some code. And then these idiots want to use my HOME PHONE NUMBER as primary telephone number.

When hell freezes over.

I tried it with my biz #, but on the voicemail some AUTOMATED message wanted me to press a button, I got no code.

If I wanted to do business on the phone, I'd put an ad in the YELLOW PAGES!

I somehow got to http://pages.ebay.com/help/sell/seller_account.html#identity I see nothing about a telephone verification.

I've had Ebay and PayPal accounts since they first opened.

I've been using PayPal Pro for my CreditFactors subscriptions and services sales for many years. Ebay OWNS PayPal.

And here is how Ebay verified me TODAY, as I provided my PayPal Debit card when I attempted to open the seller account:

Thank you for using your PayPal Debit Card for your payment of $1.00 USD to EBAY SAN JOSE CA.

Notably, Ebay NEVER disclosed that it would charge my account $1.

Ebay is doomed to fail. And I'll do whatever I can to make it happen sooner rather than later.

I remember the agony trying to help neighbors get back into their Ebay accounts years ago. A giant nightmare. And it's getting worse and worse.

Oh, there's an interesting FAKE email link:

2. Get in touch with us

Tell us about your issue first, so we can determine the best way to help. Email us

It's a FAKE link, no link at all, just a button that does nothing.

More searching, I checked my seller account:

My Seller Account Summary

Your account has not been created Your eBay account has not been activated yet. Accounts are not accessible until an actual debit or credit has first been posted to the account, even though you may have already filled out our account creation form.

This message confirms to you that you have no credit or debit balance at this time.

Ok, so why did they charge the $1 to my debit card?

I'll try my other business account again, see if I can't log in somehow and change the user name.

We better get the Trado auction/marketplace module up and running soon.  I had been hoping to encourage Members to sell stuff they don't need on Ebay, but this is just pure torture.

It looks like Ebay will be out of business soon.

I read about Ebay layoffs and apparently the Ebay system is degrading rapidly.