Are there any fees for Trado accounts?

Absolutely NO fees for Trado transactions.

It makes no sense to charge fees as Trado CREATES the Trados just like the banks CREATE the Dollars.

We're in a huge mess because the banks CREATE the money and then often charge over 20% interest and gazillions in garbage fees.

The primary purpose of Trado is to counter this madness and to give money to the PEOPLE.  Commercial banks can create Dollars only as DEBT, but we can create Trados for ANY purpose.  That's how Verified Members receive periodic Trado credits.

Implementing any kind of fee structure for Members would be a giant waste of time and resources and totally counter productive.

NO over limit fees, NO NSF fees, NO monthly fees, NO FEES!

Members who use up all their credit simply can't use the account.  The purpose of the Trado credit line is to make Trados available for emergencies and as temporary loans.

If an account is not used, the periodic credits for Verified Members will eventually pay off the credit line.

Merchant Accounts

We will probably charge a percentage of the DOLLAR amount of Merchant transactions to fund Dollar expenses such as web hosting, programming, salaries and benefits since we can NOT create Dollars.

First we have to integrate Dollars into the Trado system (like PayPal), set up the interface with commercial banks and design the software for split Trado/Dollar transactions.

Merchants currently pay about 3% AND monthly fees for transactions with commercial banks or PayPal on the ENTIRE amount.  Trado will always keep fees lower than PayPal and other commercial alternatives and fees will only apply to the Dollar portion of transactions.