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I'm running low on organic flour

I'm running low on organic flour.  So I just looked up my last retail order:

G069           RYE FLOUR 20 Lbs                               1        $19.50      
H781           A SEASONING BLEND Italian Seasoning 1 Lb Bag       1        $14.50       
H171           PEPPER -  CAYENNE Red ground  1 Lb Bag         1        $27.50       
G509           MULTI-GRAIN FLOUR 20 LbsPopular for baking       1        $29.50       
                                                         Shipping:UPS Ground:        $23.90


Frontier Bulk Flour All-Purpose White CERTIFIED ORGANIC 5 lb. package $7.50

Frontier Bulk Flour, Brown Rice 5 lb. pkg., CERTIFIED ORGANIC, 5 lbs package $11.40

Frontier Bulk Flour, Whole Wheat, CERTIFIED ORGANIC, 5 lb. package $8.50

I couldn't find any larger quantities.  Here's the RETAIL flour at Frontier: http://www.frontiercoop.com/isearch.php?s=flour -- as usually about twice of wholesale.

So I looked up http://www.sunorganicfarm.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=CTGY&Category_Code=FLO and apparently organic flour prices are the same as last time I ordered at Sun Organic (March 08) and it's cheaper to buy RETAIL, but there's that SHIPPING charge.

Spices are A LOT cheaper at Frontier. 

I suppose I'll order some flour with the next Frontier order, I don't use that much.   Kept my flour in the fridge/freezer, but I just the same order in 5 lb. quantities.

If you know of any better deals on organic flour, please post.

-- Just found this Frontier page, baking for idiots (like me): http://www.frontiercoop.com/learn/features/cakes4.html

I don't have an oven, but made stove top cookies in December and they were horrible - not for human consumption.  My dog loved them, but he eats anything.  I haven't tried since.