The Alex Jones "Solar Backup Generator" ripoff!

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I'm sick and tired of hearing Alex Jones advertise OVERPRICED CRAP.

So I decided to show you how to get a real off grid system with over 3.5 times MORE battery capacity and TWICE the solar watts for 33% LESS than the Alex Jones scam.

A power backup is a necessity if you use a desktop computer for business and any office supply store carries a variety of UPS for under $200.  If you want more, read the rest of this post.

Alex Jones' most recent advertising scam is the "solar backup generator."

You want to go solar?  GREAT!

Of course you need to have a SUNNY place to mount the panels and unless you just want to sell power back to the utilities without power backup, you need BATTERIES and an INVERTER.

So I did a very quick search on Ebay to get the street price for the $1,500 Alex Jones scam and it comes to about $600. 

Since the Alex Jones system is VERY USELESS, I decided to show you how to you can get a decent starter system with over 3 times the ACTUAL POWER for under $1,000.


Alex Jones: 1,800 watts

$150 + $15 shipping

2 x Solartech Multi-Crystalline RV style Solar Panel 85 watt EACH!

Alex Jones: 75 Watt and only ONE panel

$400 + $60 shipping

2 x  Trojan T-605 6V 210Ah Flooded Lead Acid GC2 Deep Cycle Battery$280 (buy local or have shipped to a reseller)

ASC 12V 16A 192+ Watts Solar Panel Charge Controller

$40 including shipping

$50 for wire and an ammeter would be very cool.  There's nothing like SEEING how many amps you're getting even when it's cloudy.

Grand total for a system over TWICE as powerful than the $1,500 Alex Jones "solar backup generator":

$995 -- SAVE $500 AND get over 3.5 times the battery capacity, over TWICE the solar power AND the system is a REAL system that you can EXPAND!


From the Alex Jones advertised ripoff FAQ:

Run Times on Typical Products

Run Time**
Cordeless Phone563 hCell
Phone563 hInternet
Modem656 hInkjet
Printer846 hClock
Radio846 hLaptop
Computer2022 h
20" LCD Monitor527.5 hTable
Lamp4010.5 h
13" TV3811 hDesktop
Computer2001.5 h
8.8 Cubic Foot Freezer804.5 h
18 Foot Refrigerator1202.8 hSump
Pump 1/2 HP3001 h
Microwave92012 min

* Average power consumption as measured on loads tested under regular operating conditions.
Rated power may differ from average power consumption.

** Run time as measured on tested loads.


The Alex Jones advertised "solar generator" will run your microwave for about 12 minutes


It will run your fridge for "2.8" hours IF your fridge isn't very large and not an energy hog.

Who would pay $1,500 to run a fridge for 3 hours?  OR a microwave for 12 MINUTES?

I also don't think that these estimates in the FAQ are realistic and the suckers who fell for Alex Jones will learn a very expensive lesson when the first power outage hits.

All these scammers should get jail time.

IF you are seriously considering buying a system and you're new to solar, PLEASE post here and I'll put together something for you that will WORK.

First of all, most people with a HOUSE should have a GENERATOR.

A 3000 watt cheapo Chinese crap gasoline generator for about $250-350 will be perfectly fine for most people for OCCASIONAL use such as during a power outage.  Don't expect a cheapo generator to last a year if you run the generator 10 hours/day every day.  DO start it up once a month and add Stabil if you don't use up the fuel.

Just about anybody is capable of plugging in a power cord, pouring fuel in the generator and starting it.  And it will run your fridge AND computer AND all your gadgets simultaneously as long as you have fuel.  TEST your setup BEFORE you have a power outage.

Anything beyond that really depends on your needs and SKILLS.  I had a friend visit for a few days and she couldn't even figure out how to push the OFF button when the inverter alarm went off after I had explained it to her the previous day.  I wasn't happy when she woke me up at 6 am ...

Solar panels do NOT install and wire themselves.

It's not rocket science, but you have to be able to follow instructions EXACTLY.  I learned from books and from the web.   And of course the infamous trial and error, it didn't take long till I blew a fuse in the meter.  While I'm NOT very good with a meter, I can measure voltage without reading the meter manual and that's usually all I need.

I would probably only buy the inverter on Ebay, although that charge controller is one heck of a deal and the solar panels seem cheap, but I haven't priced any in about 9 months and I don't know the brand.  Are prices finally coming down?  I paid $620 for a 135 watt panel in spring and I shopped around extensively.

Since I'm off the grid and my system is far from what I SHOULD have, I keep expanding as I can afford it and I have quite a bit of first hand experience getting by on a $5k system.  I use LED bulbs and I got used to getting by without running the generator unless there's no sun and no wind for a day.

You have a CHOICE:

You can throw your money away on crap that will NOT work as expected when you NEED it or you can invest the TIME to learn about power and save a lot of cash, acquire a new skill and a power solution that will actually work for you.

To me it doesn't matter whether you end up saving $1,500 because you avoid a scam or whether you spend your money on a quality system that works.

What counts is that you realize that you can't trust ANYONE (not even Alex Jones) and that you don't give your money to crooks.

Of course I'm hoping that there will be a few other people who also believe in honesty and integrity and "somebody" certainly could take this opportunity to put some GOOD systems together and make an honest living.

There's nothing wrong with making money, buying wholesale, adding value and providing services and support.

There is absolutely NO need to deceive and defraud people.

It would be very cool to have a qualified person answer Trado reader questions and make an honest living providing energy products and services.

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My posts at

I couldn't resist, had to post at the Alex Jones bullhorn auction article:

January 9th, 2009 at 11:05 pm

Auctioning the bullhorn is a great idea and I sure hope the high bidder comes through.

Then there’s hope that Alex doesn’t need to advertise overpriced crap like efood direct and that “solar generator” scam.

I’ve worked so many hours to get GCN to stop advertising the credit scams (Ted Anderson is a greed hog, and that’s being kind) and recently I documented the solar scam at

How many Alex Jones listeners are so freaking stupid that they fall for these ripoffs?

Apparently many, or the scammers wouldn’t pay for the ads.

It sure would be nice if I could spend time on posting links to infowars and especially to the many excellent interviews instead of constantly having to document the Alex Jones ripoff products.

A research project for Alex: are there ANY products worth advertising that aren’t scams and frauds?

Why can’t you spread the truth by being truthful?

Why not tell people how they can get twice the food for HALF the money of efoods direct?

The next comment proves my point:

joe smith Says:
January 9th, 2009 at 11:57 pm

Don’t tell the people here they are getting lied to and conned. they won’t have it. Alex and his sponsors are flawless and to be totally and with out question trusted in all matters. Because he’s got a war on for your mind

I replied:

321 proves my point:

"joe smith Says:
January 9th, 2009 at 11:57 pm

Don’t tell the people here they are getting lied to and conned. they won’t have it. Alex and his sponsors are flawless and to be totally and with out question trusted in all matters. Because he’s got a war on for your mind…"

The war is on for your MONEY, at ANY cost. 

I don't even understand why Alex takes the risk of getting sued for these entirely and so OBVIOUSLY false advertisements.  Alex states ON THE RECORD that he researched the products and he PERSONALLY endorses them.  Unfortunately, many listeners believe every word he says.

So, when a baby freezes to death during a power outage because dumb dad Joe Smith believed that he'll get a "solar generator" to stay safe during a power outage, you bet Alex will be sued -- and rightfully so.

The food scam, well, I'm not that worried about, it's just suckers wasting a lot of money, getting conned.  But power is what people DEPEND on to survive, as Alex clearly states.

If you're worried about power, EDUCATE yourself: 

So many stupid sheeple, incapable of doing anything more than repeating what they've heard a thousand times.


It's scary, very scary. 

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Alex Jones is not the One Ripping People Off

That solar back up thing does suck and you did a great job of providing a home made and better alternative.  That said Alex isn't the one ripping anyone off.  The product is sold by a sponsor nothing more, nothing less.

Websites are not known to be advocates for their sponsors unless they specifcally claim such.  Far as I know Alex or his staff have never personally endorsed the product, they just sold advertising space.  Mother Earth news sells advertising to a company that makes cigaretts in their magazine but I doubt they "endorse them".

Get it right my friend, point out the right people doing the ripping off.  Other then that great informative article.



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I got it right.  Alex Jones

I got it right.  Alex Jones DID personally endorse this ripoff MANY times. 

I probably hadn't listened to his show for 3 weeks when I decided to tune in last Sunday to see how Luke Rudkowski was doing in NYC jail.

Heard one scam advertised after the other.  I just can't stand the Alex Jones show anymore. 

Advertising on the Alex Jones show has become synonymous with being a total fraud.

I wouldn't advertise on that show if it was free.

SCAMS: FDRS, Debt Crisis Solutions, John Gliha, Lifelock, and of course the food and seed scams.  The CONSTANT lies and fear mongering, deplorable. 

Alex Jones is responsible for SO much suffering. 

I wonder how many of his listeners have killed themselves because their lives were DESTROYED, totally destroyed by Alex' advertisers.

I'm trying to help an Alex Jones listener right now. 

He sent thousands to FDRS, then Discover sued him, FDRS sent him legal papers to file and the poor guy got sanctioned.  And of course Discover got a fat judgment against him. 

He got into debt because he needed heart surgery.  He is selfemployed and was told that he will lose his tools if he files for bankruptcy.  A lawyer for Chase called him today and threatened to "send an officer" to collect whatever is at his shop.

So much pain and suffering because he listened to the Alex Jones show and trusted Alex.

If Alex Jones had to suffer just 1/1000 of the pain he inflicted on his listeners, he'd immediately drop dead. 

Luke is my hero. 

This kid really rocks.  When Alex Jones turns into a moron, Luke is as cool as can be.  Whether at Bilderberger (in his suit!) or at the DNC (Michelle Malkin), Luke is just supercool.

And I wonder whether Luke will eventually sell out like Alex. 

There are no ads at -- yet. 

Websites are not known to be advocates for their sponsors unless they specifically claim such.

So, if someone rents the concentration camps to Hitler, they're not doing anything wrong.  It's business as usual.  That Hitler chooses to kill the Gypsies and Jews isn't the fault of the landlord.

And that's EXACTLY what's wrong with the world and why everything sucks so bad. 

There is no personal responsibility. 

The end justifies the means, no matter how many people are killed.

I fail to see the difference between Chase Bank executives and Alex Jones -- they're all power hungry assholes with no conscience.

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Solar backup Q

Christine, very interesting and I agree about the Alex Jones solar backup offer, though I did not see it on his site but apparently the same thing at  If you are serious about assembling the system you describe as better, send me a quote for it and if reasonable I will commission you.  Not sure how we would arrange payment but I am sure we could work that out.


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Larry, I don't charge for


I don't charge for this type of work.   I just want people to SHARE their experiences and help each other out.

I'll be glad to put in my 2 cents about YOUR system and keep in mind that I'm NOT an alternative energy professional.  I just live off the grid and l learned through my experience and research. 

I'd do a few things different if I could do it over again, but what I got WORKS and that's most important. 

Please post a NEW topic and what you're looking for at

Your expectations, climate, building layout, along with your budget.  There's a lot to consider BEFORE ordering components and a professional would visit your house and do a site analyis.

I just heard about a neighbor wanting to use wind power for water heating.  That makes NO sense at all.

I'm really glad to have my wind generator for when the sun doesn't shine, but the cost per watt is much higher for wind than for solar -- unless you invest several thousand dollars into the new BIG wind gens, not my little 403.  And of course you have to be in a high wind area.

So there's very little general advice to give, other than that wind is NOT suitable for water heating.


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Solar backup system

I read the above on the solar backup system (overpriced). I would like help in obtaining a solar backup system, for just a few  things (sump pump back up, refrig. just an "in case" system. Sounds like you can help me out. I looked into the $1500.00 system, not much for the money, so I found this site and thought I'd seek your help. I do like the idea of a pretty much ready to go system that I don't have to screw around much with. (panels, inverters, battery storeage, outlets overcharge protect. etc. included just hook it together charge it up and go)Please let me know what you have ....  thank you

Jerry Schmidt
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Jerry, if you only need it

Jerry, if you only need it for BACKUP, buy a generator.  It is MUCH cheaper and anybody can pour fuel in it and start it -- no special skills required.  You should run it once a month and add some Stabil.

 for just a few  things (sump pump back up, refrig.

It's NOT the number of items you're looking at, it's the amps you're drawing.  The Alex Jones fraud would NEVER do the job!

Look for the amps on your pump and the STARTING amps.   My 4k watt generator starts my shallow well pump ok and I can get it started on the 2.5k watt inverter if I try NUMEROUS times. 

Fridges with auto defrost will actually HEAT for a few minutes every so many hours.  During that time they draw a lot of power.  

I'd recommend at least a 3k watt generator for around $400. 

To get a solar system that'll run what you need you really have to spend a LOT of money and it's not cost effective unless you use it all the time.  

And, you need to learn how to set it up and how to maintain it.  Even the Alex Jones fraud requires people to mount the panel and wire it.   You can't just set the panel in your garage and expect it to work. 

And, once again, the $1,500 Alex Jones fraud would run your fridge only a few minutes and it might not even start your sump pump and if it does, leave you with an EMPTY battery after a few minutes.

And then you can wait DAYS for the battery to recharge. 

Buy a generator.

Solar is GREAT for the wealthy OR people who want to LEARN how it works. 

Solar is NEVER suited as a backup system. 

Nobody should get a solar system for BACKUP.  It's sad to see Alex Jones and Jason Bermas prey on the mentally challenged, gullible, helpless ...

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solar backup

I do have a gas powered generator, but I just thought that it could be a "saver" if the electricity went out, no gas, you know, a bad one happens.  Just to keep my sump (which only runs once every hour or so at most) and a few small things going, until I can get some fuel. I realize solar is not reasonably priced, but I just am interested enough to want to check into it as a viable option to the affore mentioned problem. Is there a way to purchase a unit similar to the "mysolarbackup" unit, without incurring the ripoff pricing....

Jerry Schmidt
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Jerry, what makes you think

Jerry, what makes you think the "mysolarbackup" system will run your pump?

What's the starting amps and the running amps?

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mysolar backup

I guess I don't know if it will. I was just trying to find something that might keep my sump pump back up system (with battery) operating incase of extended power outages. Maybe a solar system that would just keep my marine battery charged up if my electricity went out(which keeps the backup battery system charged.

I don't know much about solar, except that it is expensive, just trying to find out if this is a possibility, and if you have any ideas for me.

Jerry Schmidt
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Does the marine battery run

Does the marine battery run the sump pump?

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marine battery

It is only used as a backup  sump, with separate pump. The system is The Basement Watchdog back up system. the battery is charged by 120 through AC/DC system with 20amp charger (charging a completely discharged battery takes approx. 6hrs.) , and is used only when  the power goes out, or tested monthly. Otherwise a separate sump runs on 120.

Jerry Schmidt
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Perfect for solar

I would get a small solar panel to keep the battery charged.    How big the panel should be depends on how often / how long the pump would run and of course on the pump amps.

That's the perfect setup for a solar system.   Just need to buy a panel and a charge controller OR go with just one of the maintenance panels, but that wouldn't be enough of a charge for using it after the battery is empty.

Why not make that the PRIMARY system?  You have a battery, a charger, a 12v pump ...

How often do you have water in the basement?

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sump pump

The sump pump runs several times per day, my back-up (battery) runs only when I test it, about once a month. I have the battery backup solely for power outages.

My original intent was to have a solar backup sysytem, to keep my refrig. food cold (they run intermittently), a light ot two, and to make sure my backup sump pump will still be able to be activated. The "my solar backup" seemed to be the answer. But after investigating, I just thought there would be a better, more cost efficient way to get the same result. Which led me to this site.

I wanted to see if this site could help me put a solar backup system together to accomplish what the "my solar backup" seemed to be stating. I also like the 'supposed" portability of the system to take  to camp sites, etc. My first reading at that website, seemed to say that their system was just ideal for this. I almost fell for the hype. Since then, through you, I have learned that this was way over stated, and that you may be able to help me accomplish what they seemed to promise, with a bit less cost and a bit more success (I.E. more power). I may be looking for some thing to help me with self preservation in case the sh.. hits the fan. To have some kind of confidence in my survivability " just in case"

Maybe I should read some of the books out there that tell me how to build what I'm looking for. All I am really trying to do is protect myself from a massive power outage, so I don't have to rely on the government for anything, so I can still read a book at night, or listen to a radio, keep my cell phone charged, and at least keep some of my food from rotting, and keep  my sump pump running (maybe once an hour for 30 seconds) .

Jerry Schmidt
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solar back up


 We are new to the idea of solar back up we are both disabled vets and on a limited in come but we are willing to learn new things and considering what is going on in D.C. I can see the need for an independant system. Can you send the info to us along with a phone # or we can give you ours so we can disscus the how's of this generator.......we also live in South LA and hurrican sesaon is comming and it would be nice not to depend on the gas generator.


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Sorry, been real busy,

Sorry, been real busy, including moving another panel on the roof and it's PLANTING time.

And I'm also sorry to say that I have ZERO time to provide private consulting services.  I just have no time to waste and if I wasn't so busy, I'd post a few links and some general info, but you still have to take the time to go out and learn. 

The primary purpose of this post is to warn people about this scam and to SAVE LIVES.

Anyone falling for the Alex Jones / Jason Bermas scam and expecting to be able to run their fridge will find that the food in the fridge will be rotton real fast with this good for NOTHING "solar backup generator."

I love being off the grid, but it IS work -- physical and mental.  And maybe it's just the same that the lazy and dumb will starve and get food poisoning and have NO power, I suppose that's Darwinism in action.

It's 2009 and EVERYBODY has a neighbor using solar. 

You can't go ANYWHERE without seeing solar panels unless you're blind.

That's how I learned!   Back in 1998 I saw other campers with solar panels, I talked to the owners and then I paid about $500 to have a solar panel and charge controller installed on my camper.  The panel was only 64 watt, but it's unbreakable and STILL works great.

Then I got an inverter and I was very proud that I installed it myself and it WORKED!

When I started to build and I considered staying off the grid, I looked at OTHER houses with solar.  I TALKED to MANY people with first hand experience and most don't mind showing off their system.  In fact, I've shown my setup to a number of people who wanted to see how it works.

I met people who told me they'd never want to deal with solar again and just love being on the grid now -- different people have different experiences and especially if they were off grid many years ago it was a lot more expensive to get sufficient power.

And of course I talked to PROFESSIONALS and got their input.  I paid a few dollars more for my charge controller, but I felt better knowing I could ask questions if I needed help wiring it.  The Xantrex manual looked intimidating and the C40 has so many options, but it really was as easy as the solar guy said.  Just had to take the time to RTFM -- maybe an hour.

And you might want to buy the batteries locally (no shipping) and that way you don't just abuse the pros and suck up their time, but they get to make a few bucks.

Jerry wrote: 

I am really trying to do is protect myself from a massive power outage, so I don't have to rely on the government for anything, so I can still read a book at night, or listen to a radio, keep my cell phone charged, and at least keep some of my food from rotting, and keep  my sump pump running (maybe once an hour for 30 seconds) 

That's a LOT to expect.  I'd start by getting a 2000 watt or so inverter and a panel with a charge controller for a few hundred dollars and a TIMER (Home Depot, about $15 or so).  Since you're apparently not able to determine how many amp hours you'll need, just give it a try.  No book and no amount of money take the place of real life testing. 

Sure, do some reading and learn the basics, but nothing will show you how long fridge will run until you plug it in.  If your batteries are empty after 20 minutes, you know you have a problem.

And I don't know if I mentioned that above, but since it's unlikely that you can run the fridge continually, be prepared to have the coils freeze up and to have to manually defrost once a week or so.

A GREAT way to see how many watts your appliances use is getting a Kill-A-Watt:

Plug in the fridge for a few days, keep a journal and you can calculate your average daily use.

It's one of the coolest gadgets I've ever had and even if you don't have an interest in solar, it's the best $20 you can spend if you're wondering why your electric bill is so high.   You might find that a new energy efficient fridge pays for itself through electric bill savings in a just a few years.

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Inverter for use in cars

I just had another thought as I remembered that I have to fix my 12 v outlets in my truck.  I don't quite understand why people thinking about an $1,800 solar backup system for emergency do NOT already have an inverter.

I've had inverters for car use for many years.  Instead of constantly buying 12 v adaptors for notebooks (they're never interchangeble), I just have an inverter that works with ANY machine, coolers and all kinds of gadgets.

Of course you want to get the kind that can be hardwired to a battery and that would be perfect for testing to see how long appliances run for people like Jerry who already have a battery setup. 

An inverter is a MUST have for emergency preparedness. 

You can use your car to keep things running if need be.  I've ran my entire office off my running truck during a power outage with a 700 W inverter and then a long extension cord to the modem/notebook/printer/phone.

Obviously, it's better to have a generator, but I couldn't get mine started (didn't add Stabil) and this inverter sure saved my day.

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Hi, I have a question - where

Hi, I have a question - where can I find good Mono Pumps

brother john
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Im very interested in a better solar product

hello, im interested in putting together a solar project for around $1500 is there a contact number

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Alex Jones is a rip-off!

And so is Solutions From Science.  We bought a solar power generator and it NEVER did what their website and advertising claimed it would do.  The first line on SFS’s website is get off the grid.  They told us before we bought it that you could get four appliances off the grid.  We could not get even ONE appliance off the grid.  My suggestion is DO NOT buy a solar power generator from SFS unless you want to get ripped off.  They do not honor their word nor their product.  We are trying to get the partial refund they promised us on at least three occasions.  But, now they are lying about what transpired between us and them.  IF they decide to do the right thing and give us the promised partial refund, then I will post about it.  But, so far, that has not happened.


Plus, I heard Alex Jones say that his listeners are “just thrilled” with SFS’s solar power generators.  That is a total lie.  I have sent him a couple of emails telling him not only how disreputable SFS is, but also how lousy their solar power generator is.  Of course, we have never heard anything from AJ.  He is too busy selling advertising and hawking products. 


Because we have been ripped off by SFS and we are trying to get the promised partial refund, we checked with the Chicago Better Business Bureau.  We found out SFS has a D- rating.  They have had 11 complaints against them, ours would make it 12 but ours is not resolved yet.  Five of those complaints were for promised refunds they did not pay!  I would not buy ANYTHING that AJ is hawking.  If you notice, his show has more advertising than programming.  Granted some of what he reports is true, but you can find it by searching the internet.


IMO both AJ and SFS are rip-offs.  His latest bit is getting his listeners to do Google searches so he is in the top search engine lists without having to pay for it.  He is such a manipulator and some of his unsuspecting listeners have no idea what he is doing by using them to make more money from advertising.  The higher he is on the search lists along with the more listeners he has enables him to make and charge more for advertising.  Please do not get used or get ripped off by these scams.  We learned the hard way unfortunately.    

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But, of course, the IL AG and the Chicago BBB are NOT going to help us get the refund Solutions From Science promised us.  Basically, Solutions From Science is allowed to rip people off and no one does anything about it.  Solutions From Science and Alex Jones are both ripoffs.  A word of wisdom from someone who has been ripped off by both Solutions From Science and Alex Jones who hawks their worthless products and then lies and says his listeners "just love" their products:  DO NOT BUY ANYTHING EITHER OF THEM IS SELLING unless you want to get ripped off.