770 credit score required for auto loans? Mortgage rates at 37-year low

Monday I heard an interview on NPR with a guy who claimed that new guidelines for auto loans require 770 credit scores. I don't think there will be many people with 770+ scores who WANT to finance another crappy new car.

I'm having more clients with NO derogs and scores in the high 600s to mid 700s who want to improve their FICO scores to qualify for mortgages.  Mortgage rates are down to almost 5% and many people want to refi. I don't know what the score requirements for conventional requirements are.

It's AMAZING that lenders still LOOK at scores:

Lenders agree: FICO scores do NOT predict defaults

You'd think that finally the bankers would relent, now that they ruined the economy.  But no, the country has to be COMPLETELY destroyed.

I'm going to have to post my 2003 complaint against 27 or so defendants including the FTC and the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond and Senior VP James McAfee.  I tried so hard to get them to stop the madness.  I really thought they did not know that FICO scores are a fraud, nothing but a giant hoax.

I had NO idea that they were setting us up, that it was all deliberate.

I thought they were just protecting the banks' unjust profits and I would have never thought that the destruction of America was the goal.

Almost 6 years later,  numerous lawsuits and regulatory complaints and many thousands of postings later, I can't think of anything else I COULD have done.

Searched the web for current FICO score requirements, but everything I found was old info. Here's an article on current rates:

Mortgage rates at 37-year low