STRO - the Dutch organization developing the Cyclos complementary currency software

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STRO doesn't just develop the Cyclos software used for the Trado, but it also developed several systems: Controlled Currency System (CCS): targeted on informal businesses at community level to activate existing local (productive) capacity and to create more social cohesion Valuable Local Currency (VLC): targeted on micro-enterprises with as target economic (and social) inclusion of persons that are excluded from formal markets, resulting in better living conditions and higher self-esteem. Part of the VLC is the so called Bonus method . Circuit of Consumers and Commerce (C3) : targeted on small and medium enterprises to reduce financial costs by providing cheap micro credit. The second goal is to increase demand for products and services offered by the members of the circuit. Commodity Backed Currency (CBC): The CBC method is designed for organisations that sell goods that have a general demand (e.g. basic consumer goods, fuel etc.). The emitting organisation pays its suppliers and/or employees (partially) with its own currency. The currency is backed by the products of the emitting organisation that accepts the currency in exchange of its products. STRO is supported by donations and universities. I briefly went through their 2005 annual report and it's amazing how many projects they were involved in all over the world. NOBODY in America cares to research money? Since STRO is in Europe, there's not much they can do with Trados, but I'd sure like to support STRO any way I can. I suppose the best way to do that is to make the Trado successful.