New allergies? swollen tongue and lips and then eye infection

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Last week Thu and Fri I again

Last week Thu and Fri I again had to take a couple Benadryl, but this time in the afternoon.   Fortunately haven't had any problems at night.

I have NO idea what could be the cause.  I haven't bought any new clothes, brought nothing new in the house, am eating what I always ate ... just can't figure it out.

I'm beginning to think that it really might be stress related.   My mouth felt weird quite a few times, had a lot of stress being censored again by a totally corrupt judge and had other litigation issues to deal with.  But aside from last week, I didn't feel that I needed to take any meds.

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Another rough night

A few hours after posting the other night I went to bed and promptly had a major "swollen tongue attack.  Didn't get to sleep till morning.  Two Benadryls did NOTHING.

So here are a couple of home remedies:

A Swollen tongue can be treated at home with a simple remedy of a liquid solution of turmeric and water used to gargle at least twice a day. This has proved to be particularly helpful in reducing the inflammation.

I tried that yesterday morning and I felt well enough to go to town a few hours later.  I have a pound of turmeric I was going to use it for color in the lime coat of my adobe addition because I accidentally didn't order the organic turmeric.  The way things are going, I might not have any left for building.

There's a lot of info including taking vitamin supplements, but here's something I can do because I have it at home:

3. Sometimes taking 1/4 teaspoon baking soda plus 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar taken twice a day will reduce the incidence of swollen tongue by reducing the inflammation that the body is reacting against.

I still have no idea what's causing this, I eat the same food as always and there are no  new environmental factors.  But I've had a lot of stress again with court filings, my Trans Union credit report and of course doctor "CENSORED" and her scumbag attorney Irving Johnson.  I made a point of ignoring a number of filings that I didn't have to respond to and I just read them on Tuesday along with doctor "CENSORED"s filings.

While in town yesterday, I went to one of the walk-in clinics, but they had closed early and most likely, it would have been a waste of money anyway.  After my experiences with doctor "CENSORED", I really don't feel like seeing a doctor unless I absolutely have to.

Of course I also don't want to wake up dead because I can't breathe. It sure would be nice to have something better than Benadryl that works quickly.  After all, it's an hour drive to the hospital and I can't hold my breath that long.


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Turmeric PASTE is working

Turmeric PASTE is working much better than gargling and it's a LOT less messy.

It's been an almost daily crisis last week.  More litigation stress with doctor [CENSORED] when they scheduled a hearing for this week after I had advised in writing that I can't drive to Colorado until after 9/7.

So I take the vinegar / baking soda and I have a little jar with turmeric paste that I can even put in my purse.  The jar also has a little broken off wooden "spoon".

Turmeric definitely helps get the swelling down and I take a little every few hours.  Someone recently mentioned that it is "poison" and of course you don't want to eat it by the pound, but there are many benefits -- search the web for "turmeric benefits".