New allergies? swollen tongue and lips and then eye infection

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Last week I've been really busy with client work and litigation.  I went to bed pretty early on Friday and woke up a few hours later around  2 am.  At first I thought my mouth was just really dry.  Then I realized that my tongue and lips were swollen and I got worried about not being able to breath. 

I decided to post what happened here to keep a record and maybe somebody's got an idea on what to do about it. And of course it makes it easier to post a link instead of telling the story over and over -- I'm getting more and more behind on my client work.

So I got up and made some chamomile tea and of course I started to search the web.  I couldn't believe how many people suffered from repeated swelling of the tongue and lips (apparently that's called angiodema) and some even died because they couldn't breathe.   Seems like many inject themselves to stop and reverse the swelling, but it doesn't help for everybody.

As I read about taking Benadryl to get the swelling down, I was glad I had bought some for my allergic dog.  Can't say that I got immediate relief, but the tea sure made my mouth feel better and after about a couple hours the swelling had gone down enough I went back to bed.

It was still swollen when I woke up, but it was a LOT better.  Somewhat tired, I did some litigation work and by evening I felt great and we watched the fireworks in Laughlin. 

The next morning I woke up with my right eye almost swollen shut.  I had three court filings due on Monday and here I was Sunday morning with an eye infection.   I spent a few hours trying to sleep, with a box of Kleenex next to me to continually wipe the tears off my face and blow my nose.  Didn't do much sleeping and gave up on my court filings and requested an extension.

My eye looked and felt a lot better yesterday, but I didn't want to work in my office because it has no window (it's really the laundry room) and it's extremely stuffy.  Since it just finally got hot here in the northern AZ high desert after the coldest June since I lived here (I'm NOT complaining), I can't work in my office without the cooler blowing and that's not good for the eye.

So I worked on the notebook a bit and did some cleaning and felt great.  Today my eye was just fine until I went outside without sun glasses.  Immediately my eyes started watering and my nose was running like you turned on a faucet.  Several hours later my eye is still watering.

Been wondering whether my eye infection could also be an allergy.  Every few years I do get an eye infection. Sometimes I do something stupid like cutting jalapenos and then touching my eye (got contacts), but I remember having eye infections when I was working on court filings before.

After reading the other night how many people have NOT been able to determine what causes the allergies even after working with specialists, I don't think I'll bother.  I don't have insurance or the cash to pay a doctor anyway. Not to mention not having the time and money to drive 120 miles to Vegas and I sure don't have the patience to put up with rude doctors who couldn't care less.

Everything I ate on Friday was what I always eat, except for lots of fresh garlic in the salad dressing I made.  I usually saute garlic, but it's not like I haven't had it fresh before.   I also ate some more on Saturday to see whether it caused any problems and I noticed nothing.

A few years ago I was all of a sudden allergic to perfume.  A friend was visiting and I continually had to sneeze when I smelled her perfume.  But that seems to have gone away.

I suppose I wait and see.   Appreciate any suggestions.

And it occured to me that maybe I'm getting allergic to litigation.  It is so aggravating and I got very upset when I pulled my Trans Union credit report last week, maybe my body just had enough?




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Last week Thu and Fri I again

Last week Thu and Fri I again had to take a couple Benadryl, but this time in the afternoon.   Fortunately haven't had any problems at night.

I have NO idea what could be the cause.  I haven't bought any new clothes, brought nothing new in the house, am eating what I always ate ... just can't figure it out.

I'm beginning to think that it really might be stress related.   My mouth felt weird quite a few times, had a lot of stress being censored again by a totally corrupt judge and had other litigation issues to deal with.  But aside from last week, I didn't feel that I needed to take any meds.

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Another rough night

A few hours after posting the other night I went to bed and promptly had a major "swollen tongue attack.  Didn't get to sleep till morning.  Two Benadryls did NOTHING.

So here are a couple of home remedies:

A Swollen tongue can be treated at home with a simple remedy of a liquid solution of turmeric and water used to gargle at least twice a day. This has proved to be particularly helpful in reducing the inflammation.

I tried that yesterday morning and I felt well enough to go to town a few hours later.  I have a pound of turmeric I was going to use it for color in the lime coat of my adobe addition because I accidentally didn't order the organic turmeric.  The way things are going, I might not have any left for building.

There's a lot of info including taking vitamin supplements, but here's something I can do because I have it at home:

3. Sometimes taking 1/4 teaspoon baking soda plus 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar taken twice a day will reduce the incidence of swollen tongue by reducing the inflammation that the body is reacting against.

I still have no idea what's causing this, I eat the same food as always and there are no  new environmental factors.  But I've had a lot of stress again with court filings, my Trans Union credit report and of course doctor "CENSORED" and her scumbag attorney Irving Johnson.  I made a point of ignoring a number of filings that I didn't have to respond to and I just read them on Tuesday along with doctor "CENSORED"s filings.

While in town yesterday, I went to one of the walk-in clinics, but they had closed early and most likely, it would have been a waste of money anyway.  After my experiences with doctor "CENSORED", I really don't feel like seeing a doctor unless I absolutely have to.

Of course I also don't want to wake up dead because I can't breathe. It sure would be nice to have something better than Benadryl that works quickly.  After all, it's an hour drive to the hospital and I can't hold my breath that long.


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Turmeric PASTE is working

Turmeric PASTE is working much better than gargling and it's a LOT less messy.

It's been an almost daily crisis last week.  More litigation stress with doctor [CENSORED] when they scheduled a hearing for this week after I had advised in writing that I can't drive to Colorado until after 9/7.

So I take the vinegar / baking soda and I have a little jar with turmeric paste that I can even put in my purse.  The jar also has a little broken off wooden "spoon".

Turmeric definitely helps get the swelling down and I take a little every few hours.  Someone recently mentioned that it is "poison" and of course you don't want to eat it by the pound, but there are many benefits -- search the web for "turmeric benefits".