Need HACKED Adobe Acrobat Pro -- I was an IDIOT to PAY for Acrobat

I've bitched about this atrocious practice to limit activations before and now I truly regret paying for Acrobat 8 Pro.   As I'm trying to get this old Dell functional to finally be able to start on my doctor [CENSORED] response, I installed Word and Acrobat. 

Promptly I couldn't activate Acrobat because I "exceeded" the number of activations. 

I searched the Acrobat manual for "activation":

Follow the on-screen instructions.

Note: If you want to install the software on a different computer, you must first deactivate the software on your computer: Choose Help > Activation > Deactivate.

Freaking #($^*#%&#$^@!   

Isn't it bad enough that my computer totally dies without any warning whatsoever?

And I didn't even see any option to email them when I tried to activate.  The only option I saw was to PURCHASE ANOTHER LICENSE.

When hell freezes over.

I have no idea how many times I've activated Acrobat, but I know that I PAID for it.

So now I have 30 days to get a hack or working serial number.  

Should have got the hack in the first place and I wouldn't have this aggravation now.  Like I have nothing else to do than roam the web for hacks or working serials.

A few years ago I sent an email to Bill Gates to let him know that I was using hacked MS software.  He didn't write back.

Is is so cool to install MS Office again and again and again and again and again, always with that same serial that somebody got me, and it works like a charm.  NEVER had a problem.

I'm big on shareware, I'm all FOR paying a reasonable fee and usually support is MUCH better than from the big software companies. 

Unfortunately, it didn't work that way with pdf software.  I spent SEVERAL hundred dollars on pdf crapware (that also had the online limited activations) and so I finally broke down and bought Acrobat because I NEED functioning software for my court filings.

Here's my CreditFactors policy:

Can I share the subscription with a spouse or friend?

Yes, I'm not Bill Gates and it's not a problem as long as they only read.  However, I can only answer credit questions at the CreditFactors forum for one person.

Please do NOT share your login with several people and don't post it on the web. 

My membership software monitors for multiple logins from different IPs and your account will be automatically disabled.

I actually don't know how many different people can log on before the software does whatever it does, it never happened.
Why would I care when someone shares the login with a friend or relative?
Why would I care how many different computers someone uses to access CreditFactors?
And unlike the software makers who have absolutely NO additional expense when I run their software on 5 computers,  I could argue that I pay for bandwidth. 
The corporate greed is just so offensive. 
And I noticed that many of the companies that once were REAL PEOPLE turned into corporate assholes, like Movable Type.  They are such a vile outfit now, scamming users any way they can figure out.  I'm out $150 on crapware and HORRIBLE support.  They didn't even have a user support forum and the "personal" support I received was pretty much limited to "read the manual."
In fact, if YOU want to suffer, I'll assign my account to you for 50 Trados and you can have the "business templates" and I'm guessing another year prepaid crappy support.
I switched to the selfhosted FREE Wordpress and it ROCKS!
So, that's my rant for the day.  I suppose it's a GOOD thing that this Dell drive is almost full and I really can't install a lot.


I had to CALL Adobe for a

I had to CALL Adobe for a phone activation.

While this is NOT an option after your online activation is declined or anywhere in the manual, it's on the page BEFORE trying to activate online.

The guy was very condescending and told me I should have DEACTIVATED on the other computer and when told him that I didn't have the foresight to know the motherboard would die he said he just needed to know what happened.

I felt like in 2nd grade being late for class.

I RESENT that I have to work on MY dime to use software I BOUGHT. 

It is extremely irritating to have to read 30 of 40 numbers and then getting this LONG activation code.

I see NO reason to go through this hassle with 30 or more programs I'm using. 

Also, I had bought Adobe two years ago and activated TWICE.  A third activation after so much time is EXCESSIVE?