My next order will be from Native Seeds: Hopi corn, chili peppers, beans, ...

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I'm still working on my list, there's a lot to read before I submit my order.

So many different kinds of corn, beans and peppers.  And not everything is suitable for the high desert and I want to make sure I don't forget anything.

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I DID make sure that my order was complete and I spent at least 20 hours preparing my $175 order.   Then I decided to add the $30 membership to my order.  As a member, you get 10% off.    Unfortunately, not until AFTER you ordered the membership.  

Obviously I had MANY items in my cart (53, to be exact) and you couldn't save the order.   So the only way for me to order the membership and not lose the content of my cart (which I had spent hours compiling) was to open a new account.

I placed my membership order and expect an email with my membership number and of course instructions on how to get my 10% off the DESPERATELY needed order.

I got an order confirmation and nothing else.  Finally I wrote to  A couple days later I still hadn't received a response and sent a second email.   FINALLY I got a response from Sharon McKenzie.  She apologized, offered to fix my account so I'd get the 10% off.

Sharon McKenzie put the membership on the OTHER account with NOTHING in the cart. 

I would have had to FIND each item in my cart at their website to add it to the cart for the account with the discount.   The cart doesn't have an item number that you could quickly add to the order forum.  I'm guessing it would take several hours,  I gave up after I couldn't even find the first item in my cart on the site due to the large number of subcategories.

Because I REALLY REALLY needed those seeds (my last emails to Sharon McKenzie were 5/21) I decided to "screw the discount" and stop wasting endless hours -- I'll just place the order.

Fat chance -- the Native Seeds website wouldn't process my order

I even called PayPal to see what was going on, but they assured me that my card was NOT declined and they received no authorization request from Native Seeds.

To add insult to injury, Sharon McKenzie never replied to my emails. 

And, they did NOT refund the membership fee.  So now they'll get an email with this URL to every address at their contact page --

contact us via email:

And if they continue to ignore me, I'll submit a dispute for the membership charge. 

A few days ago I sent an email to


Who are the members of your board and where can I inspect your financial statements?


Christine Baker

For new readers, I'm a longtime fraud investigator and I smell a rat. could be another one of the many non profits organized for the directors' benefits or it could be a Monsanto front.

When people THINK that there is an organization dedicated to preserve native seeds, nobody will start such an organization.  It is so extremely important to preserve these seeds and I was so excited to find  

One thing's for sure, is NOT what it APPEARS to be.

Maybe it's just EXTRAORDINARY incompetence.  I shall find out.

So I want to see their financials, see who gets paid what and find out why they do NOT sell the products they're advertising at their website and why they IGNORED me.

The more I read at their site, the more it looks like FUNDRAISING is their primary goal.

I actually hadn't planned on posting this today, but I wanted to post the URL to so I don't forget to place my next order there.

Right now I'm awaiting the seeds from Horizon Herbs at More on that once I got the order.

Obviously it's too late for many of the plants I had intended to grow this year. 

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Quick update:  I did get a

Quick update:  I did get a response after sending the URL to every email at the site.  Unfortunately, they didn't make any changes to their procedures, nobody offered to actually sell me any seeds and while I  believe their intentions are good, it's just that typical non profit attitude.

They didn't care that my order wasn't processed, didn't fix anything, blamed me (I verified that the authorization wasn't declined) and in so many words told me to take a hike.

Really too bad, will have to find a source for chili and the many other seeds I tried to order.   Saved the order page, so next winter I'll make an effort to find other sources.

I finally ordered from and was very happy with their customer service.  While they specialize in medicinal plants, they had some corn, but obviously we were way late with planting.  I'll have to post a new entry about the herbs I ordered at Horizon.