My Kill A Watt measurements: NOMINAL watts are very different from ACTUAL usage

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After reading many posts in home steading and off grid groups with questions about how much electricity is used, I decided to finally post some measurements from my house.

Shoplight with a 9 w CFL bulb: actual use 4 - 6 w, mostly 5 w.

I bought many CFL bulbs years ago before I learned that they not only contain mercury, but some people are very allergic and get bad reactions such as headaches, mood swings, etc. I haven't noticed any effects on me and used them extensively before I moved - just about every light bulb in my house was CFL. I wouldn't buy them again.

Table lamp with 25 w bulb (not a regular light bulb, but narrow and long, candle flame?): actual use: 20 watt

Timex radio/cd player alarm clock: clock only: 1 w, with CD playing on low volume 4 w and high volume 6 w

Lenovo T61 while charging the battery: 45 w