My email to the moronic attorneys for Equifax, Experian, Trans Union and NCO

Last week Cara Hergenroether, attorney for Equifax, started to schedule a conference call to schedule a call regarding the Equifax deposition I didn't attend as I notified her that I would not drive 250 miles to Phoenix and she needed to schedule the deposition in Kingman.

I also asked why the OTHER attorneys would attend a hearing.  So today she again scheduled the call, noting that they are all available today and tomorrow and she wrote around noon:

All -
I just spoke to Kate in Judge Teilborg's chambers.  She asked that we all get on a conference call and call her office to set up a time to discuss our issue.  I am still available this afternoon as well as tomorrow afternoon with the exception of 2-3 pm EST.  What does everyone else's schedule look like?  As this is a deposition that all parties had an interest in, I believe all parties should be involved.
Please let me know and I'll circulate a number.
At 1:45 PM she wrote again:
Ms. Baker, once we hear from you we can set up a time. I understand that you work nights and may not get this until afternoon your time.
At 2:27 PM I replied: 
I'm available today,  tomorrow I'm out -- been waiting for this all week.

Christine Baker

And then I waited until 4:41 PM and got NO  response.  So I wrote to all:

To all you MORONS:

I've been sitting by my computer for over 2 hours waiting for the time and number to call INSTEAD of working outside on this perfect and warm afternoon.

In the future, it'll take a few days for me to get back to you.   It's against my nature to be difficult and I'm obviously a slow learner, but I'm finally done accommodating a bunch of assholes licensed to lie and abuse.

Most sincerely,

Christine Baker

I went outside and it was still 70 degrees, almost a heat wave considering it's January. The peach tree started to bud.

I can't believe that I agreed to even have the other morons on the call because they have NO business to be there. 

That Equifax attorney Hergenroether wants their help is not MY problem.    I have NO discovery dispute with Trans Union, Experian and NCO.  

So I'll do my very best to be as big an asshole as all of them together.   If they want to sit in the courtroom, they may do so and shut up. 

I will NOT attend a discovery dispute hearing with attorneys I have no dispute with.

So there. 

Making me waste a perfectly nice afternoon, they missed their chance. 

Who has the last laugh?

THEY DO -- because they get paid by the credit bureaus and NCO for wasting time.

And I've decided to waste a lot more time on this and start a NEW blog just for this lawsuit.  

I had two hours to consider the implications, to contemplate why I filed my lawsuits.  I've been kicked out of groups because I wasn't PRO gun (liberty is NOT needing a gun) and I always wanted to prove to my readers that violence is not an acceptable dispute resolution and the we have a JUSTICE sytem where we file lawsuits and find JUSTICE.

Obviously, the joke's on me. 

JUSTICE is not what I found. 

I found corruption and perjury, scum sucking lying bottom feeding lawyers and assholes in robes like federal judge Neil Wake who are as responsible for the economic crisis as the credit bureaus and Fair Isaac. 

They ruled FOR the fraud and deception and condoned the incorrect credit reporting that forced MANY MILLIONS into subprime loans.

I know, harsh words, but fully documented. 

Judges like Neil Wake who was OPENLY HOSTILE towards me ought to be prosecuted or at the very least fired.  After all, the class action litigation over the exact same issues as well as the end result document that he is part of an extraordinary conspiracy -- the credit bureaus, banks, regulators and judges decided to destroy America.

And they're doing a great job!

If current events didn't always take up all my time, I'd love to write a book. 

Tomorrow I have to file the harassment/trespassing complaint about the [CENSORED] process server and "Matt Hilton."