- Paypal competition on Ebay? No way!

I noticed a seller on Ebay today who ONLY accepted payments through Moneybookers.  I had never even heard of it and decided to sign up for an account at

Now that I'm done, it seems that it's ONLY good for Ebay. 

I doesn't look like I can send money to any other Moneybooker account holders.

I've looked around the site for a bit, but didn't find any useful info.  No FAQ, nothing.

The signup process was a bit weird too and the signup email looked very unprofessional. 

There are definitely bugs, with the site stating that credit card address verification is optional, but then I wasn't even able to set up the account for Ebay without it. 

I had already verified my identity by entering my address and SSN and then I had added a bank account.

At least I could finally see the touted "low fees"  and I am so NOT impressed.

The fees are just as high as the PayPal fees.  However, it seems that they HOLD part of the payments you received -- depending on your Ebay feedback. 

No thanks!

While I'm certainly no PayPal fan, I just don't see the point of having a Moneybookers account.

Am I missing something?