Lenovo T61 with motherboard NOT working -- SOLD

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Lenovo T61 motherboard DEFECTIVE (Good news: I woke up - BAD news: my Lenovo notebook didn't), Lenovo wants $575 to fix it and I don't think I have the skills to install an Ebay board.

I just got a new 7.8 AH battery a month ago, the old battery only ran for about an hour)

It includes XP Pro, but I didn't get any CDs with it, one has to order the CDs separately, from Lenovo.  The Lenovo/XP  is on a separate partition on the drive.


   $1,398.50   $1,398.50  

        42V8190   SBB INTEL CORE 2 DUO PRCESST7300        
        46P4166   VBB MICROSOFT WINXP PROFESSION        
        42V8376   SBB MS WIN XP PROF.US ENG.        
        42V8286   SBB 15.4 WXGA TFT        
        42X0817   SBB INT GMAX3100 GM965W        
        41W2063   VBB 2GB PC2-5300 667MHZ 2DIMM        
        42V8195   SBB KEYBOARD US ENGLISH        
        42V8297   SBB UN(TRCKP TOUCHPAD)FINGERRE        
        42V8166   SBB 160GB HDD,5400RPM        
        42V8172   SBB DVD REC.8XMAXDUAL LAY UB-S        
        42X0805   VBB PC CARDSLOT EX CARDSLOT        
        42V8177   SBB INT.WIRE.WIFI/LINK4965AGN        
        62P6054   VBB INTEGR.BLUETOOTH PAN        
        39T6651   SBB 9 CELL LI-ION BATTERY        
        41W1787   SBB CPK NORTH AMERICA        
        42V8302   SBB LANGPACK US ENGLISH        
        42X0068   SBB MS ONENOTE07ENG EXL EUEFTA        
 Status: Shipped on 10/08/2007 

If you can use it, please make an offer!

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I decided to keep it and just

I decided to keep it and just got my "new" refurb T61 on Ebay.  I think it was $590 including shipping.

It was a nightmare GETTING the computer, the seller shipped USPS instead of UPS as he stated with the listing.  So it took hours of phone calls, faxes and 3 trips to the post-office -- but I finally got it last Wed.  So I can use the batteries, the extra memory and we'll see what breaks.