In memory of Wayne Strang

I found out through a list message this evening that Wayne Strang passed away today. 

Wayne was a tenacious junk fax litigant (not an attorney) and he was sued by Optima Funding after he filed several small claims suits against them.  Optima was one of the many mortgage brokers who contributed to the credit crisis with their illegal and false advertising of mortgages.

I had posted excerpts of recordings with Optima people and that's why Wayne got in touch with me after they sued him.

Fortunately, Wayne found an attorney to represent him and they prevailed all the way up to the California appeals court:

My Optima Funding posts at Fight Back!!!

Optima's entirely false and illegal junk fax advertising:

1% - 1%- 1% We will Finance ANYONE FOR ANY REASON 1% - 1%- 1%

I considered suing Optima, but decided not to in part due to my communications with Wayne.   It would have been another giant headache, very much like the [CENSORED] litigation now.

I had no idea that Wayne had been fighting cancer for many years.  I thought he was a young guy.  He will be missed by many.

It takes people like Wayne to change the world.

May he rest in peace.