How to become a VERIFIED Trado member and receive the T200 Bonus

How to become a VERIFIED member

You have several options to verify your identity:

  • Send a dollar from your verified PayPal account (will be refunded)


  • email or fax your picture ID to 571-222-1000


  • Provide access to your online credit report (instead of obtaining your credit, which will lower your credit scores, CreditFactors clients are automatically verified)

Additional periodic Trado credits

Verified members will receive occasional Trado credits. The amount and frequency of the credits will depend on the demand for Trados and the economy. As more goods and services become available for purchase with Trados, we will issue more credits.

Only one personal account is allowed per person and if we catch members cheating and opening duplicate accounts, the accounts will be closed and the balances forfeited.

You can however open a merchant account in addition to your personal account.