How do I get more Trados than the 210 Trados I receive as verified member? [updated 1/30/09]

1) Verified members get a T500 credit line and unverified members get a T200 credit line.

This Trado credit line requires NO payments, there is NO interest and you just have less credit available as you use your credit line.

2) Verified members also receive periodic credits.

There is no schedule and no specific amount that will be credited.  It depends on the members' use of Trados and the economy.

That's an excellent reason to VERIFY your account!

3) You can PURCHASE Trados.

Currently you get 12 Trados for 10 Dollars.  Simply send your dollars and your Trado user name to the Trado PAYPAL account exchange @ [remove spaces] and you will receive the corresponding Trado credit within 24 hours.

IMPORTANT: You can NOT use credit cards as we do not want to incur the 3% transaction fee. The funds have to be in your PayPal or linked bank account.   Please contact help @ if you want to purchase Trados with credit cards.