Good news: I woke up - BAD news: my Lenovo notebook didn't

Last night I posted at doctor [CENSORED]'s blog:  I think I almost had a heart attack

I went to sleep to the Colbert Report, it's good to get some laughs once a day.

So, I was happy to wake up, turned the computer on and got 4 beeps.

I tried with and without power cord, switched out batteries and then fired up the old Dell.

Searching for "4 beeps", I quickly learned that it's the system timer, apparently the motherboard needs to be replaced.  

Isn't that odd?  MY negative energies transferred to my computer.  A dead motherboard is pretty much like a heart attack.

I called Lenovo.  Purchased on 10/8/07, warranty expired.  

Replacing the motherboard is $575.

It's a USED motherboard and comes only with a 90 day warranty.  OUCH!

Interestingly, they still answer the phone as IBM (Lenovo used to be Thinkpad), but it's definitely crapware. 

On the bright side, they answered the phone after a while and told me what's going on and I didn't have to waste days waiting for callbacks and talking to machines.  And I didn't need to try to work on memory and whatever else trying to get it going, it's shot.


Good thing I woke up today.

Now I can start looking for the external drive thing (the Dell drive holds nothing) and get used to "this."

And I better eat some more cayenne pepper.

-- update:  there are motherboards available, but I don't know whether it's hard to replace it.  I've upgraded drives, memory, etc. but never a board.

A reader wrote how difficult it is to replace the motherboard, so I won't bother.

If sure sucks having to use this Dell I got free for opening a credit card a few years ago.  But it would suck even more not to have it.

After a LONG search I finally found a brand new USB drive enclosure.  And then I realized that the Lenovo has an SATA drive and my drive enclosures are for SAT drives. All this time I thought that all notebook drives were the same and that I could simply attach the Lenovo drive to another computer.

So, since MOST of my stuff is online, I don't even have a recent backup.  And I realize now how much is NOT online, like my banking and email. 

AND, the Dell drive is only 34 gb.  The Lenovo is 160 gb and almost full.

Fortunately, the doctor [CENSORED] filings are online and so is most of my research.  But I still have to install Word and Adobe and it's amazing how much software I don't have here.

Looks like it'll be a while until I can afford a new computer and I just hope this one won't die. 

I just bought a new battery for the Lenovo last month and the Dell battery is so shot, it dies within less than a second of power outage.  That's hard to get used to.


Hi Christine,  in reading

Hi Christine,  in reading your post on the Lenova.  I have a HP w/ sata HD and an external IDE HD of 40 gb, not problem to read the external HD and interface with it.  Have you actually tried your external to boot up with?  If you get your external to work, there is a possibility that the motherboard is ok and another possibility that the data can be transferred to external till you can find the real problem. has some great deals on puutor stuff.             cuzzindick

I don't have an "external" to

I don't have an "external" to boot up with. 

Just ordered a SATA data transfer kit and once I have that, I could try it.  But I don't see why it would boot up with the drive being external.  At least I'll be able to transfer all my data