GM potatoes damaged rats and most rat offspring died after fed Roundup Ready Soy

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Jeffrey Smith, author of Seeds of Deception and Genetic Roulette is on Coast tonight and it just goes to show how corrupt the American government is, allowing the GM scum in our food without ANY notification whatsoever -- completely disregarding how many people get sick and die.

At Jeffrey Smith's website is some great info:

GM Potatoes Damaged Rats

Most Offspring of Rats Fed Roundup Ready Soy Died Within Three Weeks

A LOT more info:

The Health Risks of GM Foods: Summary and Debate

And a related article:

Michelle Obama's organic garden angers US farming companies

Michelle Obama's decision to make her new White House vegetable garden entirely organic has angered America's powerful agribusiness lobby who are urging the First Lady to consider the use of appropriate "crop protection products".


FINALLY something positive comes out of the White House.   Didn't think I'd see the day.

Smith just said that Laura Bush was adamant about ONLY serving organic food in the White House. 

And the Obama administration is infested with industry lobbyists.

I don't understand why our food isn't LABELED to disclose the use of GM food.

Here's more GREAT FREE info including the GM Shopping Guide:

And from

What seeds are at risk?
Currently Commercialized GM Crops in the U.S. include:
Soy (89%), Cotton (83%), Canola (75%), Corn (61%), Hawaiian papaya (more than 50%), Alfalfa, zucchini and yellow squash (small amount), and Tobacco (Quest® brand). (Number in parentheses represents the estimated percent that is genetically modified.) All but soy cross-pollinate, although pop corn and blue corn do not cross with the current GM corn varieties. And now, with the sugar beet growers going GM, there is the possibility of cross-pollination into other beet varieties and near relatives, such as chard. ...

I had NO idea that SO MUCH of our food is GM.  

Fortunately, there aren't many farmers in the desert and chances of cross pollination are slim.  I'm currently growing organic yellow corn and I have a couple blue corn seedling. 

I'll print out the GM shopping guide and maybe a few extras for other shoppers.