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Trado Account Benefits


Member Account


Member Account



Account fees:



None *

Initial credit:




Periodic credits:




Initial credit limit:








Minimum payments:




Late fees:




Over limit fees:




NSF fees:




Other fees:




* Merchant Accounts will incur fees on Dollar transactions in the future. However, Trado Merchant Account fees will always be lower than PayPal.  Merchant Accounts opened now will receive a discount on any future fees and will be provided with at least 90 days notice prior to incurring any fees.

How can Trado offer all these benefits without charging fees?

For the detailed explanation please see Are there any fees for Trado accounts?

1) Verified members get a T500 credit line and unverified members get a T200 credit line.

This Trado credit line requires NO payments, there is NO interest and you just have less credit available as you use your credit line.

2) Verified members also receive periodic credits.

There is no schedule and no specific amount that will be credited.  It depends on the members' use of Trados and the economy.

That's an excellent reason to VERIFY your account!

3) You can PURCHASE Trados.

Currently you get 12 Trados for 10 Dollars.  Simply send your dollars and your Trado user name to the Trado PAYPAL account exchange @ [remove spaces] and you will receive the corresponding Trado credit within 24 hours.

IMPORTANT: You can NOT use credit cards as we do not want to incur the 3% transaction fee. The funds have to be in your PayPal or linked bank account.   Please contact help @ if you want to purchase Trados with credit cards.

How to become a VERIFIED member

You have several options to verify your identity:

  • Send a dollar from your verified PayPal account (will be refunded)


  • email or fax your picture ID to 571-222-1000


  • Provide access to your online credit report (instead of obtaining your credit, which will lower your credit scores, CreditFactors clients are automatically verified)

Additional periodic Trado credits

Verified members will receive occasional Trado credits. The amount and frequency of the credits will depend on the demand for Trados and the economy. As more goods and services become available for purchase with Trados, we will issue more credits.

Only one personal account is allowed per person and if we catch members cheating and opening duplicate accounts, the accounts will be closed and the balances forfeited.

You can however open a merchant account in addition to your personal account.

Absolutely NO fees for Trado transactions.

It makes no sense to charge fees as Trado CREATES the Trados just like the banks CREATE the Dollars.

We're in a huge mess because the banks CREATE the money and then often charge over 20% interest and gazillions in garbage fees.

The primary purpose of Trado is to counter this madness and to give money to the PEOPLE.  Commercial banks can create Dollars only as DEBT, but we can create Trados for ANY purpose.  That's how Verified Members receive periodic Trado credits.

Implementing any kind of fee structure for Members would be a giant waste of time and resources and totally counter productive.

NO over limit fees, NO NSF fees, NO monthly fees, NO FEES!

Members who use up all their credit simply can't use the account.  The purpose of the Trado credit line is to make Trados available for emergencies and as temporary loans.

If an account is not used, the periodic credits for Verified Members will eventually pay off the credit line.

Merchant Accounts

We will probably charge a percentage of the DOLLAR amount of Merchant transactions to fund Dollar expenses such as web hosting, programming, salaries and benefits since we can NOT create Dollars.

First we have to integrate Dollars into the Trado system (like PayPal), set up the interface with commercial banks and design the software for split Trado/Dollar transactions.

Merchants currently pay about 3% AND monthly fees for transactions with commercial banks or PayPal on the ENTIRE amount.  Trado will always keep fees lower than PayPal and other commercial alternatives and fees will only apply to the Dollar portion of transactions.

Please SIGN UP for a PERSONAL Trado account first.

At the forum is detailed information about Merchant account BENEFITS.

Please sign up at

The banking software is a completely separate and SECURE system.

Required information for an UNVERIFIED account:

Valid email address, name and country.

Initial Trado credit: T10 & T200 credit line (NO minimum payment, NO interest)

Upon VERIFICATION you receive a T100 Bonus & credit line increase to T500.

As VERIFIED member you also receive periodic Trado credits, automatically deposited to your account.


It's NOT just about MONEY and BUSINESS.

We'll be posting more details, but for now, please have a look at Objectives.

Yes, Trado is about creating jobs and opportunities, but it's also about staying alive.

Our food and water supply is toxic, GM foods cause cancers and reproductive problems and everybody should have noticed the tremendous increase in autism, diabetes and prescription drug use.

There are so many social and political issues.

Human rights, civil rights, freedom of speech, privacy, the 2nd amendment and many liberties have been or will be eliminated.

The Trado MEMBERS decide which causes to support with the Trado community funds and they don't have to agree on everything.

Likeminded Members can form groups or forums and pool their Trado funds to support THEIR projects.  Projects could be local such as building a playground or community garden or they could be a national or international.

You're only limited by your imagination.

Imagination seems to be in short supply and we hope to inspire Members to turn off the TV and start DOING instead of watching.

As I've been posting at various forums and sites about complementary currencies, I'm frequently explaining why I decided to start Trado.

In 2008, I spent at least 100 hours searching the web for complementary currencies.

NONE of these other currencies invited me to join!

They treated me like a leper because I don't live in their elitist community.

I live in the WRONG part of town!

No other complementary currency invited me to accept their currency at my business.

It does NOT feel good to be discriminated against.

No hard feelings. I'd love to have everybody join Trado.

Apparently MOST complementary currencies are in Europe and South America.  I found very few American "local" currencies and they didn't seem to offer any online services. I don't know why not, but I suspect that it has to do with the "local" elitism.

I'm certainly open to integrating other currencies at Trado and I would love to hear from others at the forum:

The Trado and OTHER complementary currencies

If you are an honest person, YOU are INVITED -- and I don't care if you live on Mars.

Only scammers and fraudsters are NOT welcome at Trado.

TRADO will be a democratic non profit organization, established to help people survive during tough economic times by creating jobs, money and trade.

Trado issues the new Trado currency and it provides a platform for consumers, merchants and professionals to conduct business.

  • The Dollar is created by the bankers for the banks.
  • The Trado is created by the people for the people.

While there are many other “local” currencies, the Trado can be used anywhere.  Paper Trados are not available yet.

Please watch the slide show at the Common Good Bank for more information about the Trado philosophy and goals and visit the Trado FORUM.