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I decided to post the phone numbers, contact info and some recorded collection calls in this new forum.  It's annoying to have to try to figure out who's calling and I'll identify some common debt collection violations.

I am NOT an attorney and NOTHING at Trado is LEGAL advice.

Since some calls contain personal info and I'll probably sue the most annoying collectors, that's ONE reason I post some recordings at the CreditFactors subscription forum.

Subscribers agree that nothing posted at CreditFactors is legal advice and all posted information is CONFIDENTIAL and can NOT be used in court.

I'm very open about my litigation, but there's really no need to make everything available to them prior to providing my initial disclosures.  

Another reason to post recordings at CreditFactors is that most of my activities have been UNPAID and donations are few and far in between.  

I used to earn a lot more when everybody wanted to improve FICO scores to buy houses or to refinance for the 15th time.  Now I'm mostly working with people who can't pay their bills and obviously don't have much cash.  I currently also accept 50% Trados.

If you're new here and you're wondering why I don't pay my credit cards, you really have to read my OPEN LETTER to WaMu:

Open Letter to WaMu: My refusal to pay my $8,000 WaMu (Providian) VISA card due to the 26% interest rate

I'm very proud to have contributed to WaMu's demise, but unfortunately, Chase bought the WaMu accounts and is no better.  I'm glad Chase quickly SOLD my WaMu accounts to debt buyers, they're much easier to fend off.

You may want to read my other open letters to banks and regulators and my news releases about my lawsuits at http://mylitigation.net/ 

If you want to know even more about me and my countless activities and documentaries, please check http://creditfactors.com/about/history/

The HARDEST part about defaulting on credit card debt is dealing with the ORIGINAL CREDITOR calls. 

Under federal law, you have NO rights at all and original creditors can literally harass you until you blow your brains out.  Unless state law protects you, they have the power.  And that's why they are MUCH more abusive.  I haven't heard ANYTHING from Obama about strengthening consumer protection laws.  Another reality check ...

It's TRADO's mission to create an alternative system without commercial banks and collectors with the new Trado currency. 

Of course there won't be much interest in an alternative system unless many more people  know what's really going on and that's why I also post some political news and I try to create some awareness of a rather scary reality that most people seem to be completely oblivious to.

Regardless of what happens with the economy, it's so important to stop the expansion of GM foods and invasion of privacy and to protect what few rights we have left.

I'm contacting other ICs and hope to establish a network of people who quit the rat race and trade labor and goods and share knowledge.

While it's easy to become depressed when you can't pay your bills and maybe even lost your job, look at it as an OPPORTUNITY.

Especially if you have construction or mechanical SKILLS, you can travel throughout the country and stay at varies communities, work a bit in exchange for your stay/food, expand your horizon and make new friends. 

If you're GOOD at what you're doing, you will quickly have a good reputation and you will be able to get jobs along the way and earn good money.

ANY hard worker who is fun to work with and has a good attitude will be able to survive quite well while having FUN and enjoying life.

In the middle ages craftsmen went on their journeys, sometimes throughout Europe, and they gained knowledge and experience unlike at any job. 

You can spend time in Alaska in summer and in Central America in winter -- you can be anywhere you want to be.

Until you're ready to hit the road or if you can't just pack up and leave because you have OBLIGATIONS such as a family and kids, I hope to help you deal with collection calls.

It can be pretty funny if you are mentally prepared to talk to collectors and you offer to settle with TRADOS.  You can get them all worked up, expecting that big commission, while you're checking your online account balance and eventually let them in on the fact that you're NOT offering to settle with dollars.

Every now and then we need a few laughs.  And yes, I know it's cruel, but once you've been subjected to the collectors' abuse and harassment, you'll understand why even the kindest person can get mean.

However, for the most part it's about recording calls and documenting violations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) and Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).

While many people COULD just file for bankruptcy, that requires DOLLARS and it is a hassle and if credit ever becomes an issue, bankruptcies are reported for up to 10 years.

I'm hoping that at least one credit bureau will follow the banks and go out of business and if I find the time, I'll make another effort to have the FTC prohibit FICO scoring:

Lenders agree: FICO scores do NOT predict defaults

I'm not optimistic about success and I received no donations for these very time consuming and unpaid efforts in a long time, so this isn't at the top of my list, but we'll see how it goes.

PLEASE do NOT ask me to work for you free of charge.

It makes me angry and it frustrates me greatly when people take advantage of my generosity.

Please use what's here FREE of charge and if you want more information and/or personal assistance, subscribe to CreditFactors and post your questions as the subscriber forum.  I'll be glad to help.  Occasionally I've spent 15 or 20 hours with one subscriber.  It's worth the effort because the other subscribers ALSO get to use the information.