Facebook KEEPS everything you DELETE -- why do people join these sites?

I just recently got another invitation to become someone's friend on Facebook.  Another person invited me to get a Gmail email address.  And yet another invited me to the 15th or so networking site.   

Not only are these social and networking sites and "free" services a bit tacky, but they're in it to make MONEY off you.  YOUR material is THEIR profit.  You're working for them without pay.

Facebook reassures users in wake of service terms change

... Under the terms of service, Facebook has rights to freely use anything people add to the website even after members delete material or close accounts.

"It is common language in every website because their cut-throat lawyer says you need to cover yourself," said Future of Privacy Forum director Jules Polonetsky.

"This doesn't mean that Facebook can make a mini-series on your life or write a book about you, but they might be able to create a feed that lets your friends on Twitter know what you're doing. Folks should just calm down." ...

Yeah right.  Shut up and make us more MONEY!

And I truly find this competition to get the most "friends" at social networking sites appalling. 

Can you get any MORE shallow?

Do you really feel better because you have 2000 "friends" on Facebook?

Since I'm going to move, I recently posted about what I'm looking for:

My ideal community: private living - community projects - share equipment - DIVERSITY and TOLERANCE  

And that's a REAL community with REAL people and hopefully some chickens and maybe I'll finally get my alpacas.

The altitude is high, alpacas would probably be happy there and it would be cool to learn how to make clothes and blankets. 

Stop wasting your time on ONLINE friends. 

That's not to say that I don't have online friends I never met in person and I'm all for online communications and networking.  But we communicate about real issues and we don't waste our time inviting people and whatever gossip.

A word of caution on meeting online friends in person.

Recently I was invited to join an IC through private email by a Yahoo IC group member. 

Through my many years of online fraud investigations I've developed a 6th sense and I thought they might be people I know and don't care for.   Searched my drive and the web for their email, found nothing, and the Yahoo profile was empty.  

WHO are these people?

I thanked them for the invite and asked where and who they are.  Today I got the response and they're people who I'd NEVER want to live with.  I've left groups because of them because they made a single mom looking for a community cry REAL tears, destroyed her, made her feel like she was the most worthless piece of crap, for no reason other than to be mean and to showcase their perceived superiority. 

They changed their names and email address, maybe nobody wanted anything to do with them anymore.

It's the strangest thing that I thought it was them, this all happened years ago.

Most people don't have that sense.  Use the internet to research, to share what you don't mind EVERYBODY knowing and find some REAL people to be your friends and live with.

I actually found another ICer with websites and property in an area not too far away, more remote, much more land and after reading the websites, I was amazed that our interests are so incredibly similar. 

I'm excited about visiting and in my mind I'm already building a much better designed house.   So on the web I can easily FIND people and do my screening and eliminate all who don't share my interests.  And then it's time to get together in person with people who are a close match.

It's definitely great to see that there ARE people DOING and not just talking and typing.

USE the web, don't waste your time on stupid "social sites."

And I suppose I'll have to make a new post on Google, there's just too much to say.