ExpressionEngine CMS deadware? I'm afraid so - commercial EE license for sale CHEAP

I checked the Expression Engine forum today because:

1) I'm STRUGGLING with my main blog at 

I was so happy to get the court order allowing me to reopen CreditSuit, but it is NO pleasure blogging there on the Expression Engine platform. 

The window for new entries is so incredibly small, NO WYSIWYG, NO auto-save, I have to go to a NEW page to select categories, then to ANOTHER page to publish ... 

Then there's the comment SPAM. 

I currently have 49 comments that are not approved because they're related to litigation, morons in general, whatever. 

I got so spoiled using the self-hosted WordPress for most of my blogs for at least the last half year, probably longer.  I can simply move comments to a SPAM folder where I can easily access them if needed.  

ONE page publishing ROCKS!

A screenshot of the WordPress PERFECT layout

Unfortunately, they CHANGED the perfect layout in release 2.7 and I was very unhappy, but I am slowly getting used to it as I'm using 2.7 for the [CENSORED] litigation blog.

It is STILL 1-page publishing, but they changed the layout and since I'm using a notebook with a small LCD, I have to scroll down for some admin tasks.  Still, it's nice to have EVERYTHING on one page, including the ability to create new categories.

I don't understand WHAT EE is for, but it was sold to ME in 2004 as THE software that would kick Movable Type's ass. 

In case you don't know what MT is, it's the WordPress competition and SUCKS.  I don't understand why the self-hosted WordPress is free. It is far superior to every other blogging software or service I tested.

At some point (I don't know when, but AFTER I bought 2 EE licenses), Expression Engine management changed its mind about being THE blogging software and it decided that ease of use and functionality were no longer important and it's now software for DEVELOPERS.

Of course they didn't bother to announce this to suckers like me, nor did they offer to buy back their licenses.

2) I've had my spare EE commercial license listed her for sale and NOBODY contacted me about it.

ExpressionEngine CMS Commercial license: $180 / 50% Trados

149 views, nobody showed any interest.

So I had 2 good reasons to check to see what's up with the EE 2.0 release promised for summer 2008 (not a typo, LAST year).

At the official ExpressionEngine forum I was surprised by the ABSENCE of the topic for announcements of new releases that USED to be at the top. 

I looked all over and finally searched for "2.0 release" to find this thread:

I can't believe the morons there.   Apparently 2.0 is no longer scheduled for release at all.  I didn't want to get into any discussion about why I don't care for EE, but since someone asked, I mentioned that my previous posts at the EE forum had been DELETED.
Administrator Derek Jones replied:
Your last posts weren’t deleted because of your point of view.
I disagree with that.  Notably, he didn't elaborate WHY my posts were deleted, 
I’m sorry that our product isn’t a great fit for your needs, but we also don’t claim that ExpressionEngine is always the best choice for every site or every individual.  If a selfhosted WordPress site can handle your needs and is more pleasurable for you to use, I encourage you to go ahead and make the move.  It’s a good product for that niche, and not one that ExpressionEngine particularly targets.

That's it.  Administrator Jones had not ONE word to say about release 2.0.

Sometimes it's more important what people do NOT say than what they post.

Not only can WordPress handle my needs, but it is FAR superior to ExpressionEngine.

I find it truly bizarre that Administrator Jones graciously encourages me to switch platforms. It's like selling high end wine, delivering beer and when someone complains, showing them the way to Trader Joe's to get what they already paid good money for. What an insult!

It looks to me like EE is not going to be around much longer. 

Even during times when the economy is doing great I've seen my share of software companies go bust.

You have to consider that the cost of the EE LICENSE is negligible compared to the many thousands of dollars you need to spend on developers. 

Trust me, after 5 years of using EE, I know.  I've never had anyone offer FREE help and when I posted a job, I got quotes of several thousand dollars just to get a bit of new look and update the site. has looked the same since I started with EE in 2004.  A very basic blog and that's it.

I paid one guy $300 and it was money out the window.

I got totally screwed.  He even broke the site as he upgraded it and I had to fix it myself. 

The most important clue that EE is on its way out of business is that nobody wants to buy my license. 

If there WERE people with needs for EE software, why isn't anyone making an offer?

It's not like buying a used car with dents and a worn out engine, you get the LATEST BRAND NEW CODE!

I found EE Administrator Jones' posting very irritating.

He lied about why they previously deleted my posts and he didn't address the issues.

I understand that the other EE forum members HAVE to support EE and suck up in its defense. 

They invested in licenses and many grueling hours of learning EE and they need to defend a sucky product because they NEED the support.  Most are probably struggling to get by like most people.

So I'm going to list the license at Craigs list and whatever other places I can find (I welcome suggestions)  and who knows, maybe there's ONE person who still finds Expression Engine useful.

If I start a new blog for CreditSuit, can't I just move all the posts to the free EE core version to archive the blog and sell that license too?

I guess I'll worry about it once I sold ONE license.  Somehow I doubt it'll happen.

And in case you're wondering, THIS is Drupal.

HARD to learn, but it's free and even with my limited NON developer capabilities I eventually got the blogs, forum, WYSIWYG editing, FAQ module, Job module, recent entries, recent comments and a few other things working.

The site is quite functional, although there is a LOT more I'd like to do.  It was very frustrating dealing with all the modules and currently I'm quite happy that everything is functional and I'm busy dealing with litigation and other work and stuff like "this."


Last night Leslie Camacho, VP

Last night Leslie Camacho, VP EllisLab, emailed and offered to issue a refund for the license I want to sell.  He also agreed to refund the EE forum license I have for sale. 

It sounded good to me, but then I wasn't too happy when I got a refund for only $99 for the commercial license today.   He sent me the 1/13/05 invoice for the "ExpressionEngine Competitive Upgrade" and while it doesn't say whether it's for a personal or commercial license, I have an invoice from 4/04 for $149.

So, that's a little odd, I paid $149 for the PERSONAL license which is now only $99?

And the commercial license is for sale for $250, as per

Why would I take $99 for this $250 license?

The INTEREST I paid on my credit cards was more than the $99 refund.

Obviously I must have really believed in EE in 2005 or I wouldn't have bought that license.

I almost refunded their PayPal payment when he agreed to change my personal license that I'm using at to a commercial license. 

I'm still $50 short, instead of my refund of $149 for the personal license I only got $99.  

Leslie Camacho had made it clear that they wouldn't refund any more than the $99.

I got the distinct feeling that EllisLab is about as broke as I am.  

And I suppose I'll worry about what to do about CreditSuit "later", I'm so busy.

I noticed that they now added "Fake" to the EE forum thread: Introducing Fake EE 2.0 Official Release  If they hadn't all thought it was so funny to waste the EE customers' time, none of "this" would have happened.  I certainly would not have wasted MY time reading about a FAKE release posting.  It was read over 500 times yesterday.

And, I have yet to see ONE word about any 2.0 release, features, or anything about development.  Leslie Camacho mailed me more about their positive outlook, but I can read between the lines.  After all, I'm an experienced penny-stock fraud investigator and I've seen my share of forward looking statements.  I suppose we can all be optimistic. So I wish EE well too.  After all, I still have that commercial license. 

From web designers to software developers, so many consultants and contractors are whining and moaning about how horrible business is.

They sit around in these forum "lounges", making idiotic jokes and waiting for the next sucker to pay them $100-200/hr for a lucrative job.

Nobody contacted me regarding my "opportunity" post:

Drupal - Magento - phpBB - WordPress and other forum / blog / CMS software support

Nor did I see anyone offering these types of support services.  Nobody took the idea and ran with it. 

If this type of support was available for EE, I wouldn't hate it that much.

The condescending treatment in their forums is really uncalled for.

Here's what RonnieMc had to say about me yesterday:

Pssst. He’s not a developer. There is no other platform that’s spongeworthy. We’re not the droids he’s looking for.

Stupid arrogant bastard ...

So, I don't know how so many people can be SO stupid, lazy or simply unwilling to WORK to make some money.  Always chasing the BIG bucks.

It truly makes me wonder.  

Do people really deserve what they have coming?