ExpressionEngine CMS Commercial license: $180 / 50% Trados -- SOLD

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Currently the license is $250:

Please download the trial first to see if you like it.   EE is not for the casual blogger.
"If you have licensing questions please contact"

$180 / best offer - will accept 50% Trados.

I also have an ExpressionEngine  Discussion Forum Module PERSONAL license, could throw that in for another $20.

It can be upgraded to commercial license for $50


Here is ONE of the many things I don't like about EE:

  • Take Your Site Offline

    It is recommended that you take your site offline for the duration of the update so that people visiting your site won't see any PHP errors or other anomalies that may occur while you are uploading files. Here is one approach:

    1. Copy system/utilities/offline.html to your main directory (the same place you have your main index.php file).
    2. Rename index.php file to index.php.backup.
    3. Rename offline.html to index.php. Now your visitors will see the "offline" page while you update your site.
    4. After the update is finished, be sure to rename the files back to their original names.
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    ExpressionEngine bought the

    ExpressionEngine bought the license back, although I decided to sell the personal license and keep the commercial license.

    That's because they said that I paid LESS for the commercial license than for the personal license and they were only refunding what I paid.

    I still need a license for my CreditSuit blog and eventually I'll shut it down and then sell the commercial license, if EE is still around then.

    This was pretty strange:

    ExpressionEngine CMS deadware? I'm afraid so - commercial EE license for sale CHEAP

    It's my understanding that they're still working hard on 2.0, now almost a year behind schedule, but I really don't care.  Apparently there's NOTHING for me to look forward to, EE is strictly for companies with a huge budget for a dedicate EE "engineer".

    And while I really didn't like the new WordPress selfhosted layout as of 2.7, I'm getting used to it.  With the the 1-click new post button in 2.71 it's actually almost as good as the old layout and if I had a little bigger LCD I would hardly ever have to scroll.

    The WP ease of use is just unbelievable and if you only need a blog, that's the way to go. 

    The new "automatic" upgrade is also so cool, although it's always been easy.

    The selfhosted WordPress rocks.

    Not because it's FREE, but because it's FAR superior to anything else I tried and I spent a lot of time testing various PAID blogging services in spring 08.