Doctor Rima's Action eAlert: Vaccine fraud, jail for cirticizing GMOs, ban on supplements, ...

Doctor Rima is one of the few truly "good" doctors.  I've read quite a bit at her Natural Solutions Foundation website, watched her CODEX youTube reports and listened to some of her radio shows and interviews.  I think she's for real and one of the few SINCERE activists.

It's been on ongoing struggle to keep laws devastating family farmers from passing.  So much anti-consumer legislation is continually introduced, but due to resistance by the generaly population, most of the big ag and Monsanto sponsered legislation has been prevented -- so far. 

PLEASE educate yourself and take the time to sign the petitions opposing these laws:

6/2/10 eAlert

It's FREE to sign the petitions, but if you have a few dollars, please support Dr. Rima with a donation.