Dimwitted Alex Jones fans special: it's NOT a detention camp in the desert

Last night I checked to see if there was an update on the alleged "detention camp" pictures in the Southern Arizona desert that had originally been posted on 2/23/09 as READER SUBMISSION on the Cost to Coast site:

Desert Compound Mystery

Feb 23, 2009. Over the past five months, this "compound" has taken shape out in the central Arizona desert, in the middle of nowhere near Blackwater and Sacaton Arizona, along the dry Gila River. It looks to be about a quarter mile long by an eighth mile wide. It has razor wire all around it, power lines run to it and about half of it is cleared of vegetation. It is in an inhospitable and inescapable area of the Sonoran desert.

The closest small towns would be about 10 miles away in any direction. You'd be lucky to walk one mile in the summer heat there. April to November temps are commonly well above 100F. Summertime temps are routinely 120 F or even higher. Could this be for Guantanamo Bay detainees? Coming civil unrest? Illegal aliens? Mortgage defaulters? ...I will keep you posted.

--Steve in Coolidge, AZ

There was no update on Coast and I thought about posting the pics here.  But, I'm 50 years old and I've been around the block a couple times.   I did a quick web search and within a few minutes I saw that it was an EXPOSED hoax.

TODAY, Infowars.com featured this EXPOSED HOAX on the front page:

Detention Facility in the Arizona Desert?

Editor's note: The photos below were originally posted on the Coast to Coast website on Feb. 23. In light of Glenn Beck's recent comments about FEMA camps on Fox & Friends, they are of particular interest.

[The rest of the "article" is the Coast reader submission]

BAD journalism, if you want to call it that.  It's more of an ADVERTISEMENT for the Alex Jones enterprise. Reeling in the SUCKERS who no doubt believe anything and buy the crap Alex advertises.

100 Alex Jones fans commented on this FAKE detention camp and many appeared so scared they probably had to change their diapers.

NONE had the brains to do a web search.

I thought I'd clue them in:

Christine Baker Says:
March 3rd, 2009 at 6:19 pm

Get a grip on reality. Alex Jones is NOT God and there’s a LOT of BS on his show and at this site.

This is a FINE example of crappy “journalism”.

I was thinking about posting those pics at MY site, but I did some due diligence and after 20 minutes research I knew it’s a hoax.

It’s just a normal CONSTRUCTION SITE.

I probably lied and it only took me 2.5 minutes to find this thread at AboveTopSecret.comLarge fenced in area in middle of AZ desert? It's the 2nd link when you search for any relevant text in the Coast submission.

I've found AboveTopSecret.com in other research and there are some people with brains.  They get off their asses and actually go check things out.


The only response to my post at Infowars:

M Says:
March 3rd, 2009 at 8:25 pm

You ‘did some diligence’ Christine? And was that 20 whole minutes of research? Any dimwit with half a brain knows that 20 minutes of research on ANY subject is not nearly enough to draw out any meaningful conclusions.

A normal construction site? I’ve never seen any construction site that keeps its construction workers IN with razor wire!

But hey, maybe they have to do that because…the workers get no benefits, and want to leave? I don’t know what the reason would be for the razor wire, if it is in fact a regular old construction site. This is why I highly doubt your claim ‘it’s just a normal construction site’.

Did you happen to gather any actual evidence that it’s just a normal construction site (with razor wire) during your little 20 minute research project?

Alex Jones attracts the STUPIDEST people!

Dumb and dumber and so dumb, I'm beginning to see a really good reason to have FEMA camps.  They're for THOSE people.  But we need something way bigger than this construction site to hold them all :)

And the other Alex Jones fans just go on to hyperventilate and pee their pants over the prospect of being locked up in this horrible "FEMA camp."

God help us if the Alex Jones crowd has ever anything to say about anything.

Armed crazies with NO brains.

Ok, maybe I'm a bit harsh.  But they're definitely NOT the brightest cookies in the jar.

Of course FEMA camps are real and LOT of crap is going down.

Unfortunately, Alex Jones is so NOT credible, he turns off intelligent life and I'm seriously considering that he is working for the OTHER side.

It's his JOB to drive intelligent people away and to make the entire truth movement look like crazy lunatics.

This is no joke.  The more I think about it, the more it makes sense.  Pay someone to tell some truth, have him attract all these lunatics, encourage them to post at his sites and any person with an IQ above room temparature will conclude that it's ALL made up.  The entire truth movement is disparaged.

If Alex Jones isn't bought and paid for by the NWO, he is simply corrupt.

He advertises frauds and scams that will literally get people killed.

Alex Jones has no conscience.

He is TOTALLY corrupt.  In it for the money.  Just like the bankers.

The Alex Jones "Solar Backup Generator" ripoff!

There's the food ripoff, the wipe out your debt ripoff, the seeds ripoff ...

Alex Jones, the MASTER at ripping his listeners off.

If you don't think that's true, please have Mr. Jones contact me and I'll spend some MORE time exposing his fraud..