Damanhur - Italy - The Temples of Humankind and one heck of an IC

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Damanhur Temples of Humankind -- Blue Temple

Damanhur is an Italian community founded over 30 years ago when an Italian insurance broker decided to start building temples in a mountain without any power tools. 

Their motto is CHANGE,  ingenuity, perfection and sustainability.

About 1.5 years ago I read everything I could find about Damanhur in books and on the web after I saw the Temples of Humankind featured as the 8th world wonder.  I was fascinated by the fact that they built the temples by hand and secretly without permits.

They're not religious fanatics either.  They're spiritual, but not a cult.

Tonight I saw Damanhur listed at an "Eco village" site and was surprised by a complete redesign and lots of new info at their site.


Daily Life is based upon sharing, on exchange with others and on the commitment of everyone to bring alive their own dreams and their shared one.

The social structure and the political system have been changed many times over the course of the years, from the first communities up to the present Federation, giving rise to a democratic system with representatives and elected bodies based upon the active participation of all the citizens in public debate.


I love how they continually CHANGE and remain a DEMOCRATIC system with a frequently revised constitution.

I don't remember seeing all that info about some of their nucleos before:


Are they grapes or trees or grape-trees? 

I've never seen grapevines like that before.

The stables, vineyards, cattle, greenhouses, ponds, cafe -- it's all so cool.  They're 40% self sufficient, not bad at all.

Almost everywhere spirituality and tourism are mentioned and that's probably how they pay for many of the improvements.

I was wondering how the economic downturn is affecting their income, but it looks like they're doing all right and got LOTS accomplished in the last few years.

Since I haven't had ANY time for anything spiritual, I've been a lot more interested in their community and ventures.  But when I start looking at the pictures of the temples, it's hard to stop.