Creditors Interchange: FUNNY recording of collection call (language)

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Creditors Interchange Receivable Management, Corp. has NUMEROUS offices and call centers:

Attached below is the voice mail I received today from Dave Gurney [sp?] with Creditors Interchange at 866-816-3174 ext 3285.

Dave must be new to the collection biz. His voice doesn't have that harassment / threatening tone and he left a LONG message, talking rather slow and having trouble getting his phone number right. 

The funny part is after he THINKS he hung up and you can hear him saying:

... stupid -- God damned -- f*ucking -- [banging keyboard] -- Christ, I gotta ...[???] all the bullshit ...

What's he saying about BS?  He's getting all the BS?  Is that a reference to me?  Should I be offended?

If you got some time to kill, call Dave at 866-816-3174 ext 3285, ask him and let me know. 

I enhanced the excerpt of the cursing so you can play it to him over the phone.

To me it's hilarious because that's exactly what I could be saying after receiving these calls when I'm having a very bad day, which is almost unavoidable after answering several collection calls and I'm sure some collectors have recordings of me cursing.

Can I trademark those words?  I'm sure I sounded just like Dave many times over the last year after I hung up and sometimes before I hung up on collectors.

Why can't these collectors get a job doing something USEFUL?

Why waste your day harassing people and taking what little money people have -- to give to criminal bankers and debt buying thugs?

There are so many jobs to be done:

Fix homes and infra structure, grow nutritious chemical free food, develop cures for so many diseases, expose the scammers, prosecute the countless criminal lawyers, judges, executives, regulators, politicians,  ... 

You could employ millions to enforce consumer protection and civil rights laws (paid for by the corporations and governments who violate the laws).

Instead, we have an entire industry specializing in moving cash from the poor and struggling to the wealthy through harassment, intimidation and threats.

As this recording shows, it doesn't even do anything for the collectors. 

The collectors are left miserable and frustrated and we are miserable and frustrated.

It's not OUR fault that the bankers destroyed the economy! 

I should sue Creditors Interchange, have a bunch of messages and the others aren't funny.  I recently settled with IC System and you can listen to their collection calls at

Lately I've had my phone off the hook most days. 

Many times they hang up on me when I pick up the phone.  And if I don't answer, the auto dialers call continually.

They think they can HARASS and THREATEN me into paying.  While I'd rather focus on POSITIVE and much more productive activities, the constant collection calls (at least 5 per day leave messages and many more that don't) are motivating me to file some more lawsuits.

I'm also attaching just the "cursing excerpt" and I increased the volume, maybe I'll play it to some collectors on a slow day.

2008-12-29-CreditorsInterchange-cursing-pub.wav644.11 KB
2008-12-29-CreditorsInterchange-cursing-excerpt-pub.wav64.9 KB
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Collecting for Chase

I just found their collection letter.

The Rubber Duck
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About Creditors Interchange

‘Rubber Duck’ Reports: In a fairly recent 2008 memorandum decision in the Supreme Court of New York State, the modus operandi, and therefore inherent personification of the entity, “Creditor Interchange”, its ownership, management and counselor’s is made public for all to see. Although the defendant was ultimately awarded dismissal, the plaintiff’s reference to the use of misleading oral promises, as well of employing ‘dark legal practice’ in the phrasing of written contracts by Creditor Interchange is eloquently described within the context of the decision, and could be construed as a warning to others deliberating on whether to enter into any business agreements with the parent company, Credint Holdings, LLC, Creditor Interchange, LLC, its ownership, management, counselor’s and others, directly or indirectly involved with its affiliated businesses and/or ad hoc associations. The text of the above referenced proceeding is posted on the internet at: The plaintiff in the proceeding, Mr. Kenneth Gouchie, may or may not be petitioned for advice regarding Creditor Interchange and his original complaint. It’s possible that he may be contacted at: Kenneth P. Gouchie 1800 Highland Ave Fall River, MA 02720 (508) 567-3395 It is of additional interest that the planned acquisition of Creditor Interchange by Debt Resolve, Inc. (AMEX: DRV), terminated by the buyer, was due to Creditors Interchange’s breach of its representations and warranties under the purchase agreement related to its financial condition as well as the existence of a material adverse change in the financial condition of Creditors Interchange. Debt Resolve Co-Chairman and CEO, James D. Burchetta said: "We are extremely disappointed we had to terminate our efforts to acquire Creditors Interchange. Unfortunately, the deterioration of the financial condition of Creditors Interchange left us no choice.” Additional references: 1) Chairman, providing guidance for Creditor Interchange is: Mr. Bryan Daniels, of Prairie Capital: 300 S. Wacker Drive #1050 Chicago IL 60606 (312) 360-1133 2) March 12, 2008 Gary Holter Named as President & CEO of Creditors Interchange. BACKGROUND Gary Holter has been President and Chief Executive Officer of Creditors Interchange, Inc. since March 13, 2008. Mr. Holter has been Chief Financial Officer of Creditors Interchange, Inc. since 2003. Mr. Holter is responsible for all aspects of the Creditors Interchange's operations. He has over twenty-five years of operational management experience through various executive level positions in a broad range of industries. 3) Joseph Jerge acts as Senior Vice President of Collections at corporate headquarters. 4} Thomas Wilcox acts as Director of Marketing at corporate headquarters. 5) Additional court dockets involving Creditors Interchange: 6) Creditors Interchange Corporate Office: 80 Holtz Drive, Cheektowaga, New York 14225 Phone: 716-614-7500 Fax: 716-614-7546 7) It was last reported that Prairie Capital was in discussions to acquire Creditors Interchange. Watch press releases at for the latest news on that subject. NOTICE: The information contained in this report is based on publicly available records and press releases. Regardless of the information researched and reported on here, it shall not imply that the entities referenced are any less than professional and law abiding in their commercial dealings. -end report

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Very interesting. I don't know why the comments are losing the line breaks, have to try to fix that. I just scanned the memorandum at -- collectors don't just screw consumers, they screw each other too. "Regardless of the information researched and reported on here, it shall not imply that the entities referenced are any less than professional and law abiding in their commercial dealings" That is very funny! Many collectors are having financial problems and it shows as their collection effort become even more ruthless.