Summary of the FDRS, Debt Crisis Solutions aka Top Score Enterprises (Igor Mikhalev) and John Gliha SCAM

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Debt Crisis Solutions aka Top Score Enterprises (owner Igor Mikhalev) replaced the FDRS (Federal Debt Relief System) advertising on the GCN Network (Ted Anderson, Alex Jones).

The BRAIN behind this scam: John Gliha.

They already threatened with a defamation lawsuit.

Mr. Gliha ADMITS to the SCAM:

... This scam, FDRS, has been illegally selling plagiarized versions of John Gliha’s copyrighted and trademarked work, Winning the Collection Game and Zero Debt in 90 Days. ...

It's absolutely hilarious, I've rarely seen anything so funny. 

The John Gliha and Igor Mikhalev voice mails:

Sorry guys, I don't do phone calls. 

My time is MUCH too valuable and unlike the suckers who fall for your fraud, I don't do business on the phone.

And, I try to limit my personal contacts with scammers, lying lawyers, etc. , it's too disturbing.

To submit CORRECTIONS of any of my publications:

Please FAX your cease & desist notice with the specific FALSE statement(s) and the URL(s) for updates/corrections. I will waive service should you then still wish to sue me. My fax #: 571-222-1000.

And please keep in mind that I will file counter claims or a lawsuit against you if you decided to file a harassment suit.

Why to people believe that you can ELIMINATE a debt with SECRET methods?

If it walks like a duck and it quacks like a duck and it looks like a duck, could it be a duck?

When these credit scammers claim "copyright" and "trademarks", it reminds me of super moron Steven Snyder who I heard was going to file for bankruptcy again after HIS scam finally ended up in court and it looked like the lawyer for Bradley Ross was about to be disbarred.

I haven't even updated since I posted the "secret" and "proprietary" moronic dispute letters and Snyder's scam collapsed, should add the COURT FILINGS and especially the deposition of the Bradley Ross lawyer.   It seems more important to focus on ACTIVE scams than on the losers who finally got what they deserved.

But you just can't win, it's like playing whack-a-mole.  So many scammers.  And so many people who believe them because they WANT it to be true.