MUST watch: Zeitgeist: Addendum

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Not only another fantastic 2-hour free Google video, but a call to DO something:

Zeitgeist: Addendum

The movie starts out by explaining how money works, the Federal Reserve, fractional reserve banking, etc. Then John Perkins, the "economic hitman", explains how the western world exploited the developing nations, installed dictators and caused so much poverty. This is absolutely true.

The solutions proposed in Zeitgeist won't work, but it's not really an issue for another few hundred years.

Being controlled by MACHINES is my worst nightmare.

However, the movie gets the word out about the problems with our CURRENT system and hopefully the increased awareness of the issues will have a positive impact and cause people to come up with more realistic solutions.

At is a lot of utopia. There are links to forums, but they're not active yet. I hope that some REAL solutions will be proposed.

I've heard Peter Joseph, the Zeitgeist creator, in several interviews and he appears to be very sincere. But he's lacking real life experiences:

Money = Resources

I really don't know how he could miss the fact that wealthy people have always been investing in resources. Commodities (gold, grains, oranges ...) and stocks of companies making products are RESOURCES.

As I understand the Zeitgeist solution, the MACHINES will determine how the resources are distributed. The machines also decide what everybody will do based on the needs of the PLANET.

You'd have to be a total fool to not realize that the elite would control the machines.

The European blue blood and the billionaires would reside in their palaces in the most beautiful settings, conveniently located in the middle of wildlife preserves that "nobody" is allowed to access.

Peter also doesn't realize that it's NOT just about money and resources.

He totally ignores SEX and POWER.

Child porn is RAMPANT.

The priests molest the boys, even women school teachers have sex with students.

I totally don't understand why anyone would ENJOY watching torture and killings, but snuff films are a huge business.

I watched the video of the man killed by the Walmart shoppers and there were women LAUGHING as they watched him die.

The human race has a LOT more problems than the lack of resources or the monetary systems.

People who are abused will likely turn into abusers. An awful lot of people have been suffering tremendous abuse.

Financial problems create so much stress and are a major cause of divorce and violence.

So I agree that providing resources to all will result in LESS crime. While it won't eliminate all problems and turn earth into paradise, it will make a huge difference to the quality of life of all living beings.

Wouldn't that be a tremendous improvement, even without the utopia?

By issuing Trados, we counter the efforts of the elite. They cause crime and wars due to engineered scarcity.

I'm all FOR clean energy and technological progress, but technology is not the solution. It's only a tool, like a car or a robot.

WE are the solution.

If we care and we create a new TRANSPARENT system, the existing corrupt governments and the corporations won't be able to controls us anymore.

You may have read about individuals who found errors in the NASA data of temperature readings. That only happened because the data was PUBLIC. Almost everything the government does should be available for public inspection. Of course no person can inspect it all, but there are 200 million Americans and if each person just cares a little bit, we could really make a difference.

Changing the world is serious work.

Many will rather watch TV and drink beer.

I don't know what YOU will do.

But I know that all Trado financials will be available to the members and there will be many elections to decide what to focus on, which organizations to support and how to spend the money.

Here is a discussion of Zeitgeist: Addendum that's rather civilized:

Thought we'd save ourselves the time to repeat what's already been said and instead start DOING.

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