Merchant Account BENEFITS (updated1/29/09)

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The # 1 Merchant benefit:

  • Sales! Sales! SALES!

At a time when many small businesses are hurting because people don't have the money to purchase, verified Trado members will get periodic Trado deposits to spend on products they would NOT be able to afford.

  • Merchants can accept PARTIAL Trado payments.

Merchants may not be able to accept 100% Trado payments because they have to pay their suppliers, employees and overhead in Dollars.

We will design software to make it as easy as using PayPal to automatically calculate the percentages of Trados and Dollars. In the meantime, Merchants can either add a discount code to their store checkout (see TradoStore) for the percentage of Trados accepted or create a separate store for Trado goods.

What works best depends on the type of store and products. We'll be happy to assist with solutions to make accepting Trados as easy as possible. Please post any questions at the Merchant Forum.

  • Merchant accounts opened by 12/31/08 will NEVER incur monthly fees.

I started free with PayPal, then upgraded to PayPal Pro with a $20 monthly fee and then they raised the monthly fee to $30. AND I pay 3% for each transaction, even when the buyer has the cash in his PayPal account.

CERTIFIED Trado Merchants Benefits

Certified Trado Merchants pledge to advertise truthfully and to treat their employees fairly.  Certified Trado Merchants offer only high quality products and services.

  • Trado Certified Merchants are NOT scammers and fraudsters.

Trado will investigate each complaint about Merchants or Members and it has a ZERO tolerance for fraud. Trado Merchants and Members are expected to be honest and truthful.

  • Trado Certified Merchants receive free advertising at the Trado site

Banners will be displayed throughout the Trado site.

  • Trado Certified Merchants may join the Trado Affiliate Program

The affiliate program is currently tested and while it works like any other affiliate program (pay per click, a percentage of sale, etc.), the affiliates will be paid in Trados.  This is an excellent use of Trados received from sales.