Debt Crisis Solutions - another Ted Anderson / GCN / Alex Jones promoted fraud

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More lies

Contrary to their promises, Igor Mikhalev and John Gliha did NOT fax me any legal notice.

Their comments are at:

Debt Crisis Solutions STILL advertised on Alex Jones show and what happened to

Heard the Debt Crisis Solutions commercials several times on the Alex Jones show today, so disgusting.

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alex is not a fraud he's just a chicken shit who avoids israel to stay on the airs and cooks up the fantasy stuff to make money and get a bigger audience. Also he tells a lot about so called [SPAM REMOVED]

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Alex Jones is a fraud

I agree with Christine.  AJ is a fraud.  His sole purpose to be online is to make money from advertising (in the millions) and hawk products for his friends or sponsors.  Sure he tells the truth in some things.  You have to have SOME truth in what you report or you would be seen for the fraud that he is.  I detest him and believe he is only in it for himself and the money he can make off his controversial website and sheeple.  Controversy sells and he does it big time.  I believed him too until one of his "oldest" sponsors ripped us off big time, Solutions From Science, with their solar power generator.  We are still in the process of fighting that one.  I would not buy ANYTHING that Alex Jones is hawking even if I needed it.  Money does weird things to some people.