Collector Nelson, Watson & Associates LLC

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As of 3/35/09:

Nelson, Watson & Associates, LLC
P.O Box 1299
Haverhill MA, 01832

Direct: 978-416-2100
Toll Free: 800-388-1190
Fax: 978-469-9046

Caller ID: 800-910-5856

2/25/09: Becky 800-910-0872 ext. 2285

1) Becky failed to identify herself as debt collectcor

" ... it's imperative that you return this call to my office immediately on receiving this message ..."

2) misrepresentation, deceptive, threatening, unfair

Why is it "imperative" to return this call immediately or EVER?  I see no reason.

2/28/09:  Got a call from "James" at 800-838-0139 Ext 4425 -- he didn't id the collector, but is also with Nelson Watson.  Same message, more obnoxious tone, it's obviously how they're trained.