Charlie Skelton's Bilderberg files - what happened to the Greek anarchists?

I just read all reports of Charlie's stay in Greece, well worth the read.  Not because of revelations about the elite's annual conference, but because he experienced what it's like to live in a police state and he realized that if we don't do "something" soon, we will lose what's left of our civil rights.

Nobody can imagine what it's like to have NO rights until it happened. 

Charlie Skelton did a great job describing what happened to him while doing NOTHING illegal:

If you have the time, start with the FIRST blog at the bottom and read his reports from Greece in chronological order. 

I used to be so naive and think that you can file a lawsuit in an American court and at least get a fair chance at justice.  I had no idea that it is NORMAL to have corporate lawyers submit OBVIOUS lies to the courts and that judges will ENCOURAGE these lies and accept them as truth.

I just had to respond to another totally frivolous filing and there's nothing like KNOWING that I have no rights, that I'm a NOBODY without a law degree and therefore I will be railroaded again DESPITE the attorneys' obvious false statements.

I hate getting to the point where I don't wish that the attorneys will die painful slow deaths, but I hope the judges and lawyers will have to watch someone they love die a slow painful death -- and realize that it's payback.  Karma.

During 8 years of litigation in Arizona and federal cesspools aka courts and widely publicizing my litigation, I never once had a consumer contact me with their "success story."  I've had literally HUNDREDS tell me how they got railroaded and how their lives and families were destroyed by lying lawyers and corrupt judges.

The bankers, executives, politician and royals at Bilderberg make policy.  The lawyers and judges make it all legal.

Like Charlie Skelton, I had no idea what I was in for.  I'm very glad to see people fired up about Bilderberg 2010 and ID cards after reading his blog, but I'm worried that it's too little too late.

The Greek "anarchists" apparently either didn't know about the Bilderberg conference or they were in jail? 

Not that long ago I posted here about them raising hell and burning banks.  This Bilderberg conference in Greece was the perfect opportunity to make headlines and to really make a difference. 

What happened?