Central Portfolio Control (CPC), MN, and Joseph Belzer Law (collecting for WaMu)

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I just ran across the recording of a very strange collection call in 8/08 from Jeff Woods, Belzer Law Firm.

He was obnoxious and told me that they would sue me if I didn't pay my WaMu credit card. I told him that I had no intention of paying and finally gave him my fax # and requested that he fax me the summons and complaint so they wouldn't have to incur the expense of serving me.

I would have LOVED to conduct discovery.  Unfortunately, WaMu didn't sue me and instead when out of business.

If you're new here, my 12/12/07 open letter to WaMu:

Open Letter to WaMu: My refusal to pay my $8,000 WaMu (Providian) VISA card due to the 26% interest rate

The caller ID was 952-215-0800.  I couldn't understand the namer of the law firm on the recording.  So I called the number and it was answered by Central Portfolio Control.

I was obviously very confused and tried to get the name of the law firm that called me. The guy told me that they work with two law firms and when I insisted on getting the names, he hung up on me.


Central Portfolio Control, Inc.
6640 Shady Oak Road, Suite 300
Eden Prairie, MN  55344
Phone: 952-944-5440
Toll Free: 800-331-0081
Collections Manager:   800-331-0081
Fax: 952-400-3299

I enhanced the recording and finally figure it out: Belzer Law

I found attorney Joseph Belzer:


Minnesota Lawyer Record of Public Discipline and/or Disability Information:


Lawyer License No.: 0149159
Full Licensed Name: JOSEPH H BELZER
Date Admitted to
Minnesota Bar: 10/21/1983
Authorized to Practice: YES
No Public Discipline on Record.

Professional Liability Insurance: MINNESOTA LAWYERS MUTUAL


Law Offices of Joseph H. Belzer, P.A.
6640 Shady Oak Road, Suite 310
Eden Prairie, MN 55344
Phone: 952-224-5870
Fax: 952-259-2037 / 952-513-0371

It looks to me like the collectors at CPC are misrepresenting themselves as attorneys, probably with Belzer's permission.

And not only that, but NO mini miranda and 7 months later I'm still waiting to get the promised complaint and summons.  Looks to me like they threatened with action they did not intend to take.


In March 08, WaMu assigned the account to IC System and they ALSO were extremely obnoxious.  And they are ALSO in Minnesota.

My settled lawsuit against IC System:

I don't know whether I ever got another call or any communications from Belzer or CPC, got literally HUNDREDS of collections calls to ID and organize.

Belzer SHARES a suite with   http://lawfirm.iaf.net/yp_results.php?ReportType=44&provider=107&MoreInfoResult=1&qrecid=1542250560&qbc=Law+Firms&qbn=Haster+Law+Office+PA&qc=Eden+Prairie&qi=0&qk=0&qs=MN

Haster Law Office PA
6640 Shady Oak Rd Ste 310
Eden Prairie, MN 55344-7710
(952) 224-2210

http://hasterlawoffice.com/experience.html -- couldn't find her first name anywhere and had to look her up:


LISA A HASTER, admitted in 2001 to the MN Bar.

I suppose that's the two law firms, Mr. Belzer and Ms. Haster and a bunch of scummy collectors misrepresenting themselves as attorneys.

Hopefully this posting here will remind me to follow up.  The statute of limitations for FDCPA violations is only a year.

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First I called Belzer Law.  

First I called Belzer Law.   The system would not accept caller ID blocked calls.  I unblocked, got a recording and left a message for Jeff Woods to call me.

Next, I called Collections Manager (CPC):   800-331-0081

Can I help you?

ME: Hello


ME:  Who is this?

... hangup

I called back:

Can I help you.

ME:  Is this Central Porfolio?

Yeah, who are you looking for?

ME: Jeff Woods

... hold music

No doubt this guy was raised in a barn.

And he should most definitely NOT be answering phones for a collector.

Attorneys' office William Chase, can I help you?

Once again, INSTEAD of identifying themselves with the company or law firm they get their paycheck from, the make every effort to remain unidentifiable.

Mr. Chase told me that Jeff Woods works for his office.   He then looked up my account and was obviously surprised that I called on an account that was closed half a year ago.

I told him that I was not happy about the call from Jeff Woods and that I never received the promised lawsuit.  He explained that Joseph Belzer retired and that Jeff Woods now works for Hastings Law.

What he didn't explain is why Jeff Woods' call came from a number answered by CPC.

And he wanted to listen to Woods' call.  Since I had to find it on my computer, he gave me his direct number.  And then I realized that there's no way he would be able to hear it over the phone.  So I decided to transcribe the call.  Hopefully tonight.