Catholics are expanding and which faith-based and community organizations get funding?

I didn't find anything new about Executive Order 13199 (government funding and training) in a web search.  

The other day at the local store I learned that the Catholics have funds to expand and someone was trying to find out how many locals are Catholics.  That reminded me of Executive Order 13199 and that I've been meaning to ask about any related local activity.

Nobody in the store knew anything about it, so I remarked that they should look into it and I wondered whether there'd be any food distributed locally (way out in the desert, about 60 miles from Kingman, AZ) or whether this was mostly about getting people to give up their guns and march peacefully to a FEMA camp.

That got an interesting reaction, people around here aren't into giving up their guns and that includes church members.

Hopefully I created a little awareness.  Members in any community / faith-based organizations should ask about any available funds and program and of course report on what's going on.  

I'm all for distributing food in emergencies, the little market isn't going to feed the people here for more than a 1/2 a day.  Most people have a good supply of food because we are so far from the next supermarket, but that's not ALL people.

It's probably just a coincidence that the Catholics are expanding. 

But then again, maybe not:

Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor: recession may be jolt that selfish Britain needs

Another interesting article:

Bishop of London says that redundancy is good for the soul

I found the first few comments interesting, agreeing that losing a job may not be all bad.

Of course it sucks to lose your job, but you also get OPPORTUNITIES.

It's an opportunity to move, for change, to get out of the rut.  It's tough when you have kids to feed, but for single people or couples without kids, I see it as a great opportunity for a fresh start.


Ref: "I didn't find anything

Ref: "I didn't find anything new about Executive Order 13199 (government funding and training) in a web search"

This is what they have at the White House:

Thanks, that's the 2/5 news

Thanks, that's the 2/5 news release I already linked to with my post about the order.  You can click on the "tags" below each post such as "13199" to easily find related posts.

I'd like to know who's getting money for what.  It seems like they were ready to get started.