Rep. Michele Bachman rocks: will REFUSE to complete Census form -- GPS?

I recently heard on the radio about the 2010 Census including a GPS reading within 40 ft of your front door.   I won't even let them on my property.

And they're also asking MANY extremely intrusive questions that I have NO intention of answering.


Facebook reverts to OLD terms because users stood up for their rights

Since MANY bloggers as well as mainstream media extensively reported on the new Facebook terms, they decided to TEMPORARILY revert back to the OLD terms.

Their entire business model revolves around "monetizing" YOUR information (selling it) and marketing to you. 

WHY are so many people participating in this giant waste of time? 

Facebook KEEPS everything you DELETE -- why do people join these sites?

I just recently got another invitation to become someone's friend on Facebook.  Another person invited me to get a Gmail email address.  And yet another invited me to the 15th or so networking site.   

PRIVATE internet searches: IX Quick - searches the other search engines for you, great results

I just heard on Coast that IX Quick is the only search engine not storing any data from your searches.  I'm SICK of Google knowing everything about me, their censorship and all that BS.

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