Time to get XP PRO OEM and to get rid of the proprietary Lenovo crap

Had a HORRIBLE day because the Lenovo T61 doesn't  have a Windows REPAIR option.

I accidentally deleted a system file along with program files accidentally installed in the root dir and windows files can NOT be copied individually.

Lenovo T61 with motherboard NOT working -- SOLD

Lenovo T61 motherboard DEFECTIVE (Good news: I woke up - BAD news: my Lenovo notebook didn't), Lenovo wants $575 to fix it and I don't think I have the skills to install an Ebay board.

Lenovo T61 notebook with working motherboard -- BOUGHT

Since my T61 motherboard died (see http://trado.info/content/good-news-i-woke-bad-news-my-lenovo-notebook-didnt)  a cheap used T61 with OTHER defects might work for me.

Good news: I woke up - BAD news: my Lenovo notebook didn't

Last night I posted at doctor [CENSORED]'s blog:  I think I almost had a heart attack

I went to sleep to the Colbert Report, it's good to get some laughs once a day.

So, I was happy to wake up, turned the computer on and got 4 beeps.

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