People living in the Las Vegas flood tunnels

I've read about people living in the tunnels under Paris, but didn't know that Las Vegas also has an underground population.

You'd think that with the collapse of the Las Vegas housing market people could afford rentals again, but without a job even low rents are not affordable for people who make a living looking for credits on slot machines.

It's eviction day for the Sacramento tent city residents

Tent City Residents Issued Moving Papers


The California homeless camps and camping in the desert

I've been meaning to research and write about the California homeless camps.  It's upsetting to hear about people losing their children, pets and vehicles.  Hard to believe.

I would MUCH rather stay on public land in the desert and do my own thing than live in a government camp/jail.

BLM camping is free for 14 days and they have some special long term camping permits.

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